June 2016 LSAT Discussion


06/25/2016 3:30pm We are GREY!!!! Grey Day / Gray Day has arrived!  Good luck everyone! Let us know how you did!

The curve is a -11 for a 170

Real RC Passages – Confirmed!

  • Clay Tablets
  • Jury Nullification
  • High Art (For Elite and Ruling Classes)
  • CFCs

Real LG Games – Confirmed

  • Antiques
  • Project assignments /Leadership Position
  • Recording of People
  • Tables at a Fair

Experimental RC Passages (there appears to have been two different experimental)

  • Blues Musicians
  • Overfishing
  • Chemists vs. Physicists
  • Medieval Music
  • Computer Systems in the UK
  • Cultivating Rice

Experimental LG Games – Unconfirmed

  • Bicycle Factory (confirmed)
  • Refrigerators
  • Actors and Understudies
  • Septic Tank

A few ground rules:

  • DO feel free to share RC and LG keywords, this will help us figure out what the real sections were.
  • DO celebrate your achievement! You’ve worked hard and you have completed the LSAT!
  • DO NOT post any question specifics like “I got A for #2” or write at more than just a keyword or two about any question, this could get you (and us) in trouble with the LSAC. Saying I had an RC passage about Galileo is ok, saying I had an RC passage about how Galileo was not the first person… is not ok.
  • DO NOT talk about specific game set ups, or how you tried to solve it.
  • Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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  1. How can you confirm which one is the experimental out of the 2 sections? or are you just trying to figure out if there was an RC, LR or LG experimental, not which one was the actual experimental? Is it because someone with X RC section and Y RC section then compares to someone with X RC section and Z RC section to confirm that X RC was the real one since both got it and that Y RC and Z RC were the experimentals because they werent given to both students? T

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      Everyone has experiementals.

      Some people have 3 LRs, 1 RC, 1 LG
      Others have 2 LRS, 2 RCs, 1 LG
      and some 2 LRs, 1 RC, 2 LGs

      People with 1 LG can confirm what the real games are.
      People with 1 RC can confirm what the real passages are.

      LR is the hardest to confirm.

      Also, people with accommodation have no experimental section, so they can confirm everything.

      Glad you were able to get a fee waiver, it can be very challenging to do so.

  2. RC real had jury nullification, sociohistoric art, CFC ozone, and one other but that’s the real section

  3. To figure out which LR section was experiential, is it OK to ask how many questions people had in their sections?

      • Awesome, I had one LR with 25 questions and then two sections of LR with 26 each if that helps narrow down which one was experimental

      • Stephanie Baldwin on

        Do you remember the game we are missing? Also a birds question is a real LR if that helps

      • I had 3 LR sections as well. I think pointing out the number of questions is a smart idea in regards to figuring out which was the experimental. I have no idea which one was the experimental, however my assumption is the first one considering it was the only one with 25 questions. (I realize I’m captain obvious.)

        Also, I found the 1st LR section to be exceptionally difficult. Perhaps I was just nervous. I typically do well on LR. In addition, I thought LG was pretty straightforward.

  4. Florida LSAT takers had to evacuate mid-exam due to possible threat of a hurricane!! Not sure how LSAC will handle this but given what they’ve done in the past- I’m assuming it will be a free retake for a couple weeks from now and/or Sept LSAT. Sucks for them nonetheless….

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      Wow! Yes, more than likey that is what will happen and they will get a letter to go into their file. That is what happened with the USCB folks this past January

  5. All rcs above confirm – they were the only passages I had. Can’t think of the missing one though!

  6. I had 2 RC sections–I absolutely blew it on one of them and really hoping it was the experimental! If anyone could help me figure it out I’d really appreciate it.
    The one on which I did terribly had a passage regarding ultraviolet rays or something and the comparative passage had to do with juries nullifying.
    The first one I had which I thought was a bit easier had comparative passages about a writer named Kofstra (or something like that) and talked about his strange writing style. I can’t remember much else from that section since I had it really early on.

    Anyway, I can confirm that the real LG section involved people being assigned to a project and one of them being a project leader. Another game had to do with different types of antiques, lamp, table, mirror, etc.

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