06/25/2016 3:30pm We are GREY!!!! Grey Day / Gray Day has arrived!  Good luck everyone! Let us know how you did!

The curve is a -11 for a 170

Real RC Passages – Confirmed!

  • Clay Tablets
  • Jury Nullification
  • High Art (For Elite and Ruling Classes)
  • CFCs

Real LG Games – Confirmed

  • Antiques
  • Project assignments /Leadership Position
  • Recording of People
  • Tables at a Fair

Experimental RC Passages (there appears to have been two different experimental)

  • Blues Musicians
  • Overfishing
  • Chemists vs. Physicists
  • Medieval Music
  • Computer Systems in the UK
  • Cultivating Rice

Experimental LG Games – Unconfirmed

  • Bicycle Factory (confirmed)
  • Refrigerators
  • Actors and Understudies
  • Septic Tank

A few ground rules:

  • DO feel free to share RC and LG keywords, this will help us figure out what the real sections were.
  • DO celebrate your achievement! You’ve worked hard and you have completed the LSAT!
  • DO NOT post any question specifics like “I got A for #2” or write at more than just a keyword or two about any question, this could get you (and us) in trouble with the LSAC. Saying I had an RC passage about Galileo is ok, saying I had an RC passage about how Galileo was not the first person… is not ok.
  • DO NOT talk about specific game set ups, or how you tried to solve it.
  • Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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