06/25/2016 3:30pm We are GREY!!!! Grey Day / Gray Day has arrived!  Good luck everyone! Let us know how you did!

The curve is a -11 for a 170

Real RC Passages – Confirmed!

  • Clay Tablets
  • Jury Nullification
  • High Art (For Elite and Ruling Classes)
  • CFCs

Real LG Games – Confirmed

  • Antiques
  • Project assignments /Leadership Position
  • Recording of People
  • Tables at a Fair

Experimental RC Passages (there appears to have been two different experimental)

  • Blues Musicians
  • Overfishing
  • Chemists vs. Physicists
  • Medieval Music
  • Computer Systems in the UK
  • Cultivating Rice

Experimental LG Games – Unconfirmed

  • Bicycle Factory (confirmed)
  • Refrigerators
  • Actors and Understudies
  • Septic Tank

A few ground rules:

  • DO feel free to share RC and LG keywords, this will help us figure out what the real sections were.
  • DO celebrate your achievement! You’ve worked hard and you have completed the LSAT!
  • DO NOT post any question specifics like “I got A for #2” or write at more than just a keyword or two about any question, this could get you (and us) in trouble with the LSAC. Saying I had an RC passage about Galileo is ok, saying I had an RC passage about how Galileo was not the first person… is not ok.
  • DO NOT talk about specific game set ups, or how you tried to solve it.
  • Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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  1. I had 2 RC sections–I absolutely blew it on one of them and really hoping it was the experimental! If anyone could help me figure it out I’d really appreciate it.
    The one on which I did terribly had a passage regarding ultraviolet rays or something and the comparative passage had to do with juries nullifying.
    The first one I had which I thought was a bit easier had comparative passages about a writer named Kofstra (or something like that) and talked about his strange writing style. I can’t remember much else from that section since I had it really early on.

    Anyway, I can confirm that the real LG section involved people being assigned to a project and one of them being a project leader. Another game had to do with different types of antiques, lamp, table, mirror, etc.

  2. All rcs above confirm – they were the only passages I had. Can’t think of the missing one though!

  3. Florida LSAT takers had to evacuate mid-exam due to possible threat of a hurricane!! Not sure how LSAC will handle this but given what they’ve done in the past- I’m assuming it will be a free retake for a couple weeks from now and/or Sept LSAT. Sucks for them nonetheless….

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      Wow! Yes, more than likey that is what will happen and they will get a letter to go into their file. That is what happened with the USCB folks this past January

  4. To figure out which LR section was experiential, is it OK to ask how many questions people had in their sections?

      • Awesome, I had one LR with 25 questions and then two sections of LR with 26 each if that helps narrow down which one was experimental

      • Stephanie Baldwin on

        Do you remember the game we are missing? Also a birds question is a real LR if that helps

      • I had 3 LR sections as well. I think pointing out the number of questions is a smart idea in regards to figuring out which was the experimental. I have no idea which one was the experimental, however my assumption is the first one considering it was the only one with 25 questions. (I realize I’m captain obvious.)

        Also, I found the 1st LR section to be exceptionally difficult. Perhaps I was just nervous. I typically do well on LR. In addition, I thought LG was pretty straightforward.

  5. RC real had jury nullification, sociohistoric art, CFC ozone, and one other but that’s the real section

  6. How can you confirm which one is the experimental out of the 2 sections? or are you just trying to figure out if there was an RC, LR or LG experimental, not which one was the actual experimental? Is it because someone with X RC section and Y RC section then compares to someone with X RC section and Z RC section to confirm that X RC was the real one since both got it and that Y RC and Z RC were the experimentals because they werent given to both students? T

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      Everyone has experiementals.

      Some people have 3 LRs, 1 RC, 1 LG
      Others have 2 LRS, 2 RCs, 1 LG
      and some 2 LRs, 1 RC, 2 LGs

      People with 1 LG can confirm what the real games are.
      People with 1 RC can confirm what the real passages are.

      LR is the hardest to confirm.

      Also, people with accommodation have no experimental section, so they can confirm everything.

      Glad you were able to get a fee waiver, it can be very challenging to do so.

  7. Not sure if anyone can (or is allowed to) elaborate but I don’t remember the heme/nonheme food LR question? Can anyone give a bit more detail?

  8. Okay let me try again.. if someone also had 2 LGs, please please let me know which one is the experimental?the first/ second?
    I have no recollection of what leadership/ car parts is. My second LG’s last game is about people taking shifts? and the first two games in the second LG are EXTREMELY easy.

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      It is the games that are important, the 4 listed above are what we have pieced together for the real games.

      You should have had 1 LG, with all of these games listed above.

      The LG about bicycle parts is the experimental LG, we also believe that it may had a game about actors.

      • Hi Stephanie,

        I had 2 LG and I am super confused, I KNOW my 2nd LG definitely had the Lamp/Table question but it also definitely had the Bicycle parts question as well! I am 90% positive it also had the Recording question on it also.

        Do you think the test takers are blending the questions of the experimental LG sections from both instead of just sticking to 1 experimental section? Since they never tell us anyway, I think it is definitely possible! Thoughts?

      • Test makers* not test takers .. or maybe I am just losing my mind and confusing all the questions together!

        The wait for test results cannot come soon enough, I mean, who wait 3-4 weeks for ANYTHING anymore 🙁

      • I agree I think they are blending experimental and real sections because my experience does not match up with a lot of what i’m reading in these posts

    • I also had two LGs and found the second LG to be really easy. I remember the second LG having a game with police officers, teachers, doctors, and something else. There was also a game with commercials. I was hoping that the harder LG (the first one) would be experimental, but they’re saying it was the real thing. My confidence has seriously deflated.

  9. I can confirm the other three RC passage topics already written and will add that the fourth was one regarding ancient writings on tablets and the history of the written word. I had three LR sections.

  10. I had 2 RC. My experimental #3 was all about the performance practice of Mideval Music, #4 was about Chemists vs. Physicts. I don’t recall what my first two were though.

    LG got me bad and I don’t even know why as I feel like there was nothing out of the ordinary.

    • LG was hard on me, too. It seemed like there was a huge gap in the questions themselves, regardless of game type – they were either instantaneous and easy or took forever (which isn’t usually the case for me)

  11. I had three LR sections – one had a question about babblers, I think a different section had one that paralleled clay/sand/organic matter in the stimulus and cosmetics/shampoo/toothpaste(?) in the answer choices. Can anyone confirm if one of those sections was experimental?

  12. Christina Kan on

    I had 3 LR sections so I can confirm the 4 games and 4 passages are real. Can anyone with 2 LRs tell me if they remember an LR section that talked about Homer’s Iliad and something about mature/immature trees? If you don’t recognize those questions it would be my experimental LR and would be super helpful. Thanks!

    • Jill heymann on

      I had 3 LR sections and I remember ONE of those sections to be particularly very easy. It was the last LR section for me, I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone? But I’m really trying to figure out which one was experimental because two of them were a bit harder than the other.

  13. Had reading comp last, kicked my butt. Felt lg was super easy, finished when I usually don’t. Lr was my experimental, I felt one lr was easy, one harder and one weird/pretty easy. Don’t remember questions though. Hope everyone got good scores!

  14. I’m really confused because I had two RC sections and one of them was the jury nullification, clay tablet, high art & CFC, but my other RC section had non of the passages listed above. None of mine had anything to do with overfishing or blues music. I remember distinctly that the comparative passages focused on an author who had neuroses and had a unique writing style. Did anyone else have this? I didn’t realize it was possible for there to be two different RC experimental sections… I’m confused

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      It looks like there might have been. A few people have emailed in the above listed items plus one on UK systems.

      The ones that are real are confirmed, so those are the ones that you will be scored on.

  15. I had 2 R sections so I know one was experimental. I know now which one was real RC (thankful because I thought it was WAY easier) but I specifically remember that for my experimental RC there was one passage that talked all about Kafka. Did not see that above so was a little confused if there was more than one RC experimental section?

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      It looks like there might have been. A few people have emailed in the above listed items plus one on UK systems.

      The ones that are real are confirmed, so those are the ones that you will be scored on.

  16. I also had two RC sections.

    I remember all four of what you all described to be confirmed as being on my exam; however, I also remember a passage about attorneys relying on new computer technology. It wasn’t a large passage. (5-6 questions) I’m assuming that this passage fell into the experimental section. Perhaps that there is more than one variation of RC experiment sections? I do not remember anything about blue musicians in mine.

    The four passages confirmed were extremely tough. I would rather listen nails on a chalkboard for an hour than to read that passage again. It caused me to not finish my RC section as a whole. A very unfortunate turn of events. That passage alone threw me off for the rest of the exam.

    My games section was also the games that were confirmed. No surprises. I would agree with the individual above that LG didn’t go as smoothly but I sometimes came to two find possible solutions. I know that can’t actually be the case though. I was just assuming that nerves were taking over and I wasn’t seeing clearly what the rules stated. The diagramming and rules did not surprise me though. Just some issues with local rules.

    After reading each of the LR questions, I attempt to forget about them to continue on with what is next so I’m really of no help there. I do remember the first question about the Iliad. (only because of what I’ve read here)

    I hope that my post helps! I know that this round is kinda’ feeling like a toss up right now. I could have done great or I missed the mark all the way around. Like I said, the LG caused some trouble with locality and then my RC section was difficult as most people have indicated. I had to guess on near 7 questions. Such a disappointment! Dang it LSAT writers! haha

    *if my comments here violate any type of rules… please delete away!*

    • I also had two RC. I went Games, Args, RC, RC Args. Had hope the first Rc would be the only one as I found it was fairly easy. Too easy to be real. The second one…not so much. But I have zero recollection of technology. Jury nullification was topic of comparative reading part.

      I think this test is going to require a higher than normal raw score to crack the160’s. My guess is 77 to get a 160. 78 wouldn’t surprise. Just my opinion.

    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      You are all good, that seems to the UK Computer passage, so it does seem that there might have been 2 Experimental RC passages being tested.

  17. I had a 25LR, 23LG, 26LR, 26LR and 27RC. I thought the first of the 26s was extremely more difficult than the second. From what I could remember, the first 26 had more role questions than usual, had an early Parallel question and had a late Parallel Flaw Question. So instead of the Parallel and Parallel Flaw question coming in late, it was split in the section. P within the first 12 and PF within the last five. Can anyone who had the real LR sections confirm if this was the real one?

    • Doug Stratton on

      I found my Real LR 2 had like 4-5 Role Questions and The ones toward to end of the section were literally so similar that 1 word was the difference between my two answer choices I had left. Not even cool.

    • Yes, I did. I was hoping that rice and others in that section were the real thing because the other RC games were the almost certainly the worst I’ve done in about 45 tries at reading comp sections. It totally killed me.

      • I was really hoping for the same, I also thought the real RC was MUCH more difficult

      • RC was crazy hard, IMO. This was the absolute worst RC I had experienced. I’m sure it was combined with the nerves but still the difficulty was there.

      • I thought RC was a killer too. The one section where my concentration lapsed too. Hopefully this means the grading scale will be fairly generous

  18. I know this is outside of scope of the regular discussion but did you all notice that the answer sheet questions? The questions right above the certification statement asked if takers were comfortable with electronic test taking and writing essays via the computer. I know in previous exams that the questions usually revolve around study methods of testers. This leads to believe that the LSAC is considering going electronic. What are others thoughts?

  19. Kevin Colclough on

    How were the LR sections? Difficult or not as difficult? I’ve noticed that LR in preptest 50s are very hard in comparison to the more recent PT’S.

  20. Doug Stratton on

    The Experimental RC was by far the easier of the two, The Real RC was probably the most challenging one I have faced compared to the prep tests I used (which was all of them lol). The LG was Low-Medium difficulty, the LR 1 was Easier, the LR 2 was mild to difficult. Overall, that RC killed my score most likely. I had back to back RC (though the break was in between) which didn’t help much.

    Praying for that 166 to be done.

      • That RC made the real one look simple. I almost quit life after that experimental section, until I got to the next RC and realized there was a chance it was the experimental one.

      • That had to be a hell of a RC, the expiremental RC I had made the real one appear hard.

      • Was this section 3 or 5? I had RC in section 3 and 5. I am trying to remember which questions were grouped together. I remember Kafka, Neutrinos, and African rice… Which of these were 3, which were 5, and which were real/experimental?

      • I had two RC sections. Sections 3 and 4. And nothing about Kafka, Neutrinos nor African Rice. Assuming you took test in North America, this would be your expiremental section.

      • Yes I remember that. It seems there were two experimental RC so that was likely in the second one. I had that.

    • I felt the same! That the Experimental RC was easier, however the real RC was substantially harder then all the prep tests. The LG games itself were simply linear games that didn’t have multiple layers of variables, the questions about said game, I personally thought were a little complex and took me some time to solve. There were 23 LG questions, 25 Real LR, 27 RC, another section of 27 RC and then 26 Experimental LR

  21. That the Experimental RC was easier, however the real RC was substantially harder then all the prep tests. The LG games itself were simply linear games that didn’t have multiple layers of variables, the questions about said game, I personally thought were a little complex and took me some time to solve. There were 23 LG questions, 25 Real LR, 27 RC, another section of 27 RC and then 26 Experimental LR

    • Agreed. Took twenty different prep tests including the December exam for 2015. By far the hardest RC I’ve ever encountered.

      • Does everyone who has an experimental section of the same type get that section in the same place? I had en experimental LR as well, and it was LR, LG, LR, LR, RC, but i was pretty confident my first section was the experimental. The questions just didnt feel normal to me… Unfortunately I cant remember in which specific sections I had certain questions.

      • I had the same format. I agree that the first LR section was odd. However, I think it was real because that section contained 25 questions and the other two contained 26.

  22. Hi Terrell. I was hoping the first LR was the experimental too but it wasn’t. My friend only had 2 lrs and he had the Iliad question. I’m bummed 🙁 it was hRd

  23. I took the test in Hawaii. My experience matches with everyone elses with the exception of having only 24 questions in one of my LR sections. I had three LRs so I know one of them are the experimental. Are the experimentals different in Hawaii? Why did I only have 24 questions?

  24. Guys
    I had 3 LR sections. My test was structured as follows:
    1) 25 LR ( I remember a question about a promise and what one ought to do and can do)
    2) 23 LG
    3) 26 LR ( I remember a question about a CEO and any particular lawyer requiring bring informed…Maybe another one about world literature at the end)
    4) 25 LR ( I remember a parallel flaw question towards the end with shampoos as one of the answer choices)
    5) 27 RC

    If section 3 is experimental, then my total number of questions add up to 100. I’m fairly certain section 4 was 25 questions. Does anyone remember it being 25? I’ve seen a couple of people say here that it is 26. Is it necessary that the same section serves as the experimental on all tests?

    • Mine was the same, although on the first section I thought there was only 24 questions. I must be wrong, it was all such a blur. I thought the third section ( second LR) was really easy and I am assuming that was the experimental. What do you think?

    • Yes section 4 was 25. I had the same test layout as you! I think the second LR might have been the experimental?

      • The real LRs were 25 and 26 questions. I only had two and did not get one with 24. The test had 101 questions. Hope this helps

      • My explanation would be I had zed’s section 1 (25) and section 3 (26) + 2 LG sections.

      • JB, having read other forums, I see people essentially pointing to section 1 and section 3 counting. This, of course, was based upon recollection of certain questions on the test. If section 1 and 3 LR’s are real, this would mean section 4 was the experimental section for me.

        On the other hand, I also see a good number, on other forums, pointing to section 3 being the experimental.

        Hence, my earlier question puzzled over the possibility of having a 100 question test, if in fact, section 3 was the experimental. It didn’t make sense.

        If the experimental section number is not the same across all tests, then I would be inclined to say section 4 was my experimental.

    • I had this same test structure. My experimental had to have been a LR section since I had three of them as well. I don’t remember the exact number of questions in each section, it was all a blur for me. But I thought section 3, my second LR section, was the experimental section.

  25. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the real RC section was awful! I’ve never had such a tough time with an RC section before either.

    Does anybody happen to know if LSAC curves scores? This is probably just wishful thinking, but I thought I might’ve read somewhere that if a section or a whole test yields low scores that the scoring scale for the test is adjusted slightly. Does anybody know?


    • Hopefully LSAC cuts us some slack for that RC section. I just asked Google the same question, here’s what I found:

      To account for these variances in test “toughness,” the test makers adjust the Scoring Conversion Chart for each LSAT in order to make similar LSAT scores from different tests mean the same thing. For example, the LSAT offered in June of a given year may be logically more difficult than the LSAT offered in December, but by making the June LSAT scale “looser” than the December scale, a 160 on each test would represent the same level of performance.


  26. Did anyone else experience this?
    In the non-experimental RC there were a couple questions (I can’t remember which) that seems impossible to answer based on the info in the text. I can’t remember which ones but I specifically remember being completely stumped by a question and thinking “what the heck? How could I possibly know this?”

    Anyone else know what I am talking about/which question it was?

    • I agree. I didn’t really have a problem with time management during my prep but I had to tackle the last RC in 5 minutes. Luckily it was only 5 questions so I’m hoping I didn’t mess up in my rush.

  27. Seems like there was 2 LG experimental as well. I remember the actor understudy, but don’t remember any others listed under expiremental. I remember something about 4 shopping centers (I,S..??) that had to be matched with 4 other variables. All I know is if this was expiremental I’ll be so happy. The other LG was cake compared to my second.

    • Hey Emily,

      I also had 2 LG (1st & 4th) I am having a hard time reconciling my sections with the confirmed (and experimental sections) above

      I swear 1/2 the listed LG experimentals above were in the section 1 and the others were in section 4 and vice versa .. Cannot get a good read on which LG was the experimental. Like you, I feel I bombed one section and did well on the other.

      I am 100% that bicycles and tables at fair (sundial) were in my 4th section together. I have no idea what this means. I also specifically remember the recording question being in that section as well.


      • I believe the sections were blended. Only way to explain lots of discrepancies besides 75% of takers being completely wrong about their own tests. I swear I had to 25 question LR sections yet everybody with 3 LR sections swear there is a 26 question section that was ‘real’. I beg to differ as I only had 50.

      • Got it- sounds like I’m just going to have to sit back and wait for the results . Seriously, who waits 4 weeks for anything anymore??

      • LawCandidate on

        I had a 26 question section. I do concur that sections 1 & 4 were blended. It was a difficult exam.

    • I hag 2 LG as well and first one was so hard i only did 2 games and guessed the others. However the second LG was easy and i finished all 4 of them. I am hoping that was the real LG.

  28. Anyone with the real LR’s remember a parallel reasoning question about chocolate cake? I had the LR, LG, LR, LR, RC format. Thought the second LR was very hard.

  29. Stefan Johnson on

    Just received my score back–152 50%. I am deeply disappointed. However, I plan to retake in September. (I’ll be taking the test in London as opposed to Philadelphia, where I took the June test).

  30. Hi everyone,

    I recently got my scores back for the June LSAT, and ended up with 168. Since my goal score was 75, I’m applying to retake the exam in September. Up till now, I’ve been doing mostly self study, and have gone through an ungodly amount of textbooks + over 15 practice tests.

    What would you guys recommend as a next step, for getting that 7-point increase? I’m thinking of taking classes (since I’ve exhausted all my self-study materials), but am not sure if it’s worth the time and money to get a private tutor. However, that being said, taking group classes seems like it might also not be so smart, since I’ve already fairly grasped the LSAT basics and methodology.


    • Stephanie Baldwin on

      Are you closer to 20 or 30 tests? That plus really good review might be enough to push you. Congrats on your 168!

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