As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, June 8th, 2015.We’ll update this post to track the June 2015 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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      • Thanks for this! I had two logic games sections, so your comment is very helpful.

        The whole time I’d been preparing for the LSAT I was hoping the logic games section would be the first one, so I could attack it when I was still sharp and get it out of the way. Lo’ and behold, it was, so it was a bit of an unpleasant surprise when I got to the third section and realized it was logic games again. Sounds like that third section was the real one, which is interesting, because I felt like it was the tougher of the two. (still nailed it)

        None of the logic games in either section were in the high difficulty range compared to the hardest games in the latest 10 Actuals book.

  1. I had both logic games. Some people had two RC sections. I think the first game was experimental. It had the “circle” diagram in it.

  2. I had three LR sections so obviously one of them was the experimental one. Hopefully the last LR was the experimental one because that was for sure my worst one out of the three. The one LG I had was pretty rough in my opinion.

    • I agree. I had 3 LRs as well and that last one was weird. I also had a really sporadic answering pattern that didn’t match the other two.

      • Now that you mention that I do remember that I was concerned about the pattern of answers I was putting down. Hopefully its just the first 2 being graded. Because with the first two LR and the one RC I had it will help pick me up from the poor LG I had.

      • I actually had a strange pattern on my first LR (maybe mine were in different order) a lot of clumping of answers and I thought some of the stimuli were worded more cryptically than the other sections.

      • I’m pretty sure the LR section with the strange answering pattern was the experimental section. I had the experimental LG section and didn’t notice anything unusual about either LR.

      • I had a similar feeling for one of my LR sections too, the answers were clumped together. I felt like it was the second LR section. I had LR, RC, LR, LR, LG. I’ve been reading that the two sections that had 25 questions were the real scored sections. I’m thinking on my test the first one was real and the one right after the break was real.

  3. Stepharizona on

    Employees from different departments and their salaries/bonuses
    Librarian’s workweek, with 2 shifts on Saturday
    Seven types of trees being planted in lots
    Publication with spots for articles, features, graphics, etc.

  4. I had three LR, I was stumped on the last question of the last game. The topic was features in a newspaper. I’m worried I may have messed up one of the rules since I had no clue on the last question

  5. I had two RC’s hopefully the first one was the experimental because I know I didn’t do that well on that one

      • Yeah they were pretty bad. All of the passages were super long and hard to understand. Im just worried because I also had to guess at the end of two sections because I ran out of time. Hopefully my guesses were correct or at least some of them.

      • Yeah i also felt like the reading comprehension was difficult. It certainly wasn’t easy and I found that I didn’t get to finish the last passage. Did you find the comparative more difficult than usual? Or was it all the passages as a whole?

      • I found the passage about the judges to be sort of difficult to track and the comparative passage was kind rough too.

    • The reading comp about glass, Kant, and…ethnographers was the real one. I had three LRs. Do you by any chance remember if you had a questions about an argument critiquing a writer for not being as good as his mentor or something like that on one of your LRs?

      • Yeah that sounds familiar. Also, how do you know which is the actual one and the experimental RC. The glass one is the one that I feel like I did really well on and the first one was super hard and I had to guess on the last passage.

      • I had RC LR LG RC LR. The one that was real with the above was the fourth section. I as well though the experimental section was more difficult than the actual RC.

      • Yea the first one was worded weird, hopefully the first one was the experimental one

      • Well, I had LR as my experimental section and had one RC section. The one RC I had is the real one 🙂 Wait, the last passage was the glass one though?

    • I had 2 RC’s. One was easy and one eas lretty rough. Turns out the rough one was the real one. It had the passage about judge’s recusal.

  6. yeah what they said about the games… lol

    RC wasn’t so bad, Glass, videos in ethnography, morals & Immanuel Kant, judge’s bias
    had exp LR

  7. The experimental had the antiques, the interns… That’s all I can remember. But I definitely felt like it was easier than the real LG.

    • Yeah I had about 13ish minutes for the fourth game and then had to rush on the last question! I was worried about that too. Glad I wasn’t the only one

  8. I had three LR sections, which I had never done on a practice test before (it was always an extra RC or LG)
    The RC I had was pretty hard, I almost didn’t get to finish. For this one I had the westernization of videos and judge impartiality. Can’t remember the rest.
    The LG one was too easy in that I double-checked all my answers as I did them because I thought I had a lot of time and then REALLY had to rush in the end. Wouldn’t be surprised if I got all but a couple correct though. The one I had was on magazines, employees, trees, and libraries.

    I feel strangely good about this one. I walked out of the testing center feeling really satisfied and I didn’t think I would.

  9. You guys think there will be any way to predict the experimental section? I had 3 LR games in section 1,3,4 with 4 being the hardest of the three in my opinion.

  10. Anyone else feel like the last game on LG was really hard?
    I usually do really well on LG (-0,-1) and I feel pretty shaken about it

  11. My first section was LR, then RC, followed by two more LRs and finally games. I practice tested with perfect scores on Games without fail my last 15 or so tests…totally blanked on these. They were challenging. This test favored group games with only three or so clues and plenty of room for misinterpretation. Just when I thought I was unbreakable for not getting tripped up on the June 2008 dinosaur game.. Loked down at my bubble sheet as booklets were being collected and saw #13 accidentally left unanswered. As long as I live I will NEVER forget section 5 question 13! I keep thinking about the perfectly circled answer in my booklet that somehow never made it to the actual answer sheet..

    As for LR, I hope the first section was experimental as I had a very hard time with it and breezed through 3 and 4. Then again, it was the first section of my first LSAT so nerves could have been messing me up. RC also seemed harder than normal. As someone consistently scoring around 167-168 on PTs, I’m expected under 160 on this one. Coming for you, October LSAT..

    • I had mine in the same exact order… the first Lr seemed pretty difficult so I hope that was the experimental one

  12. The conditional unless messed with my head. I also couldn’t get the inference in the job game where one or two get higher pay than the others. I really zoned out and the LG and LC, killed LR. God damn, should i cancel?

    • Here’s how I think about ‘unless’ statements: You can’t drive unless you are 16. So if you can drive, then you are 16. Just put the ‘if’ at the beginning of the statement and negate the sufficient condition (which is always negative, so by negating it you get a positive).

    • Which game was the conditional “unless” in? The LG section is a blur to me. I agree that it was quite hard. I was expecting at least one simple sequencing game, but the first 2 had grouping elements. I also found that the rules didn’t place many limits on the game possibilities.

  13. I had three LR’s, no idea which one was experimental. I agree with other people that LR was unusually hard, I almost never have trouble with time and barely finished on this one. The comparison passage is what threw me off, I thought it was particularly challenging and the first one in particular was poorly written and hard to understand.

    I thought the last logic game was difficult, but the section overall was fairly easy. The first question was unusual, but it was the first question and was, in my opinion, very easy. The last question about newspaper features was just really weird, and seemed to me purposefully confusing in a way that modern LSATs usually aren’t.

    Overall I thought LR was unusually hard and LG’s were slightly odd, but it wasn’t an especially hard test. Hoping I didn’t make any dumb mistakes

  14. I had an experimental LR.
    Section 1 3 & 4 were all LR and i’m hoping the 3rd was the experimental because it definitely felt “different” also the grouping of the answers were very unusual compared to the rest of the test.

    2 was RC
    5 was LG

    I found the logic games particularly difficult! I’ve always considered it my best section (usually missing 1 at most during any practice test). The first two games i breezed through – the third game wasn’t so difficult as much as it was time consuming. About halfway through the third game i decided it was taking too long and i was just going to do the 4th and then come back for the last few answers. I read the stimulus for the 4th game and was completely confused. Ended up having to put “C” for all the answers for that game and go back and just work on the rest of the 3rd one. Definitely stressed about the outcome of this.

    • Were your games the following: Employees from different departments and their salaries/bonuses, Librarian’s workweek, with 2 shifts on Saturday, Seven types of trees being planted in lots, and Publication with spots for articles, features, graphics, etc.

      If so- which one did you find particularly difficult?

      • Yes they were
        I found the salaries and trees pretty simple to solve. The workweek was the one that i knew i could solve but it was just taking longer than normal for me to make all the deductions. The publications was the one that completely stumped me – Maybe because it was my last game on my last section of the day but i read the stimulus for that one and had no idea what to do so i went back to finish the work week one.

  15. I scored a 166 on the December 2015 test and I thought today’s test was slightly more difficult. It has 100 questions and my guess, even though it was more difficult than the December Lsat test, is that it will be curved at -11 or -12. Nothing really out of the ordinary here. I personally thought the RC was pretty fair, one LR section was very strait forward (I think I went -0), one LR was rather difficult, and the last Logic Game was difficult. Other than that there is not much else to say here other than it was a pretty standard LSAT.

      • It’s not really a questions of “good” vs. “bad.” The curve adjusts for the difficulty of the particular administration in order to normalize LSAT scores.

        A tighter curve (e.g., -8) means that the questions were easier, but you can’t miss as many of them. A looser curve (e.g., -14) means that the questions were harder, but you can miss more of them.

        In theory, if you got a 170 on a test with a -8 curve, then you should also get a 170 on a test with a -10 curve, or a -12 curve, or a -14 curve.

        In any case, -11/-12 would be pretty standard.

  16. I thought the RC was unusually hard. LG wasn’t too bad to me besides the last game. I had 3 LR and I have no idea what the experimental was but I thought they weren’t too bad. Overall I thought it was more difficult than a lot of practice tests I took

  17. I had 2 LG. first one was the experimental. It was way too easy. Last game of the 2nd section of LG shook me. It was the newspaper one. I guess I’ll find out soon enough how I did.

  18. I had 1 LG, 1 LR, 1 LG, 1 RC, 1 LR. I found the last two sections easier than the first three. I think it’s either because it was after the break or because it was just.. simpler. As for the logic games, I irrationally believed the first (which was INDEED experimental), was going to be the real one. Little did I know.. worst was yet to come. The experimental LG was most definitely easier than the real one, and I found the real LG to overall be hard. They were difficult. This section usually boosts my score up a bit, but I’m quite confident I’ll have to retake given the feeling I had after. I had to guess several and guessed the last 3 ‘D’. As for the RC, it was not bad at all. The first LR was harder than the last, unfortunately I don’t quite rmb the topics of each. Nonetheless, this was my first take, which I really hoped would’ve been my last. But it’s not looking to bright as I see it..

    At least we’re done… (for now)..

  19. As someone who was doing this for my third time (ya I know) the LR was unusually easy. RC was tougher than usual. Logic games was a split. The 7 question linear game and the odd yet easy first game were offset by the last game and I would also say the 2nd game was decently though. For those that are concerned about Logic Games, just hope you knocked linear game and game 1 outta the park. You clear those should be fine in games 2 and the hell of a game 4.

  20. I found the first LG section, which turns out to be experimental, very easy. The real LG section I stumbled through the first game with salaries and employees but found the other 3 games to be pretty straightforward and was able to work through them. Overall the games seemed to have less rules and conditions than I’ve grown accustomed to through PTs.

  21. I took the LSAT in 2005, 2009, and now 2015. I would sum it up as this June 2015 LSAT was by far the easiest. I had 3 LR sections with the last one being extremely easy (probably the experimental) wishful thinking it wasn’t and I will get at least 20 out of the 25. But then again I studied with a private tutor for 5 months on LR and neglected games so maybe I just comprehended way better. I had 1 game and I totally flipped :'( two of the game in section 4 weren’t hard, your second game was general linear and then the last game pure sequencing. Reading comp was better for me because the content wasn’t as confusing, the judge who gets benched for being bias (law is always fun) then the guy who opposes video technology because it has great influence to westernize different cultures. I ran out of time OUR PROCTORS WERE BEYOND GHETTTOOOOOO. They didn’t write the time on the board she would yell start begin before we even turned to the section. They were having side conversations, and telling us all the wrong directions when completing the answer sheet geographic information. One even made a young lady throw her soda out to scream out an hour later oh you can have soda in the room I will give you money to buy a new one. Grrrrrrrrr that was annoying. I would have to say time wasn’t on my side for reading comp and games but like previously said my focus was on LR and should have balanced a bit better when preparing.

  22. I had 2 RC sections and managed to do much better (I felt like) on the experimental. Just my luck. I thought the LG was unsually difficult. I have consistently been getting 2 1/2-3 full games finished under timed conditions as well as parts of the hardest game and only guessing on a few. However, I didn’t even get to the entire last game because it was just so difficult, as were the rest I felt like.

    After many, many months of intense prep, I feel like it just fell apart on test day. I may have to take it again and I’m not very happy about that, especially after all of the effort I had put in.

  23. The first section was experimental. It’s always the same section number but the type varies with each testing center.

    • The information you’re getting must be old, because that hasn’t been the case since 2007. These days different test forms can (and often do) have different experimental section numbers.

  24. I found LG’s to be particularly easy even though I couldn’t focus for the life of me on the third game (really had to go to the restroom), I still believe I went -1 or 2 at worst on the section. One of the LR’s was relatively simple while the other was more challenging for me anyways. The RC seemed fair, but it’s consistently my worst section, so we’ll see how it turns out. Overall I feel good about this test though.

  25. I feel good about the test but I got shocked by my test having the two LGs.
    I wasn’t expecting that and I feel that I did great on the first one that I think a lot of you al are saying was experimental.

    Game for of the real LG, the magazine game, I think I got the first 2-3 right, I was getting short on timefor the last 3 or 4 questions, hit them with guess, came back and was able to answer 2 more correctly in my opinion, but I’m worried about it.

    I thought the RC was pretty easy though, and the LR were simpler than the practice games I was running.

  26. I took the LSAT for the first time and found it much more nerve wracking than I expected. I self-studied for the test for about 16 weeks and was averaging about 175 after the first 6 weeks or so, and never scored under 165–but I am really worried I under-performed on this one.

    I’m also in final interviews for an EY consulting position, and had phone interviews with some of the senior partners right after walking out of the LSAT. I can’t figure out if my insane worry is just due to excessive stress of 2 very stressful things (LSAT and job interviews) happening on the same day, or if it is a sign that I should cancel. I had LR as my experimental, but feel shakier than usual on all of them, so identifying the experimental one doesn’t help my decision. While I was able to finish every section, I didn’t feel as solid as usual.

    I know that I am capable of a 175+ score, and need one to earn scholarships at my top choice schools, but I’m afraid to cancel just on the basis of being jittery. Will it look bad to schools if I apply with a 160-165 for June, but a 173+ potentially on a retake? Or is it better to just cancel?

    I’m less worried about hurting my admissions changes than I am about hurting my scholarship chances. Full tuition costs plus sacrificed income from 3 years of law school represent about a $480,000 total cost for me, so I’ve got to make law school as cost effective as possible. I work in finance and went to business undergrad at NYU Stern, so I can get all the advice I want about applying to HBS, but I am super lost when it comes to the LSAT…

    (also, the GMAT gives you your score immediately, and if you hate it, you can just retake it next month…WAY less stress…another reason why I am totally lost here…)

  27. I feel okay about how the test went – pretty similar to a lot of other commenters regarding the individual sections (LG was difficult but made it through okay, fourth game was weird but didn’t give me too much trouble; first LR was much harder than second LR; RC was fair). My stomach is in knots waiting for my score though! I’m more anxious now than I was before the test. Anyone have any insights on when we’ll start seeing scores? The LSAC website says July 7th but I’m really hoping for scores by the end of June. Is that totally unrealistic?

  28. I’ve been studying for almost 6 months because I decided not to take the February LSAT. I thought I would do well but I have a bad feeling I didn’t. I completely missed the last passage on the rc and the last game in lg. I had 3 lr sections and i think I did ok on them. I’m just really nervous because the last rc passage had 7 questions and the game had 5 questions. I’m just hoping the answers were all b….
    I’ll probably have to retake it in October. Ugh

    • I had a very similar experience, I also went with B as my guess answer choice on the games section so I’m with you there!

    • Pretty good! Didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked on the reading section, which impacted my overall score by a little. Also thought the scale was a smidgen on the stingy side. What did you think?!

      • I did better than I had thought, but not as well as I had hoped. My weakest section was logical reasoning, which I definitely didn’t expect.

        Do you think you’ll retake it?

  29. I’m sorry to contact you this way, but I couldn’t find a contact link on you website. On April 30, 2015, my daughter purchased your 12-week study guide, but was charged twice for it. She had to click on the purchase link twice, because the first time she did not get an acknowledgement. Please help us. Thank you.

  30. Hi guys,

    I’m loving your three month day to day schedule, but I’m able to get everything done throughout the week studying about 4hrs a day for 5/6 days a week. Is this enough prep to pull me from a 151 diagnostic into low 170’s? I’ve never fallen behind or skipped a single assignment, loving the trainer and excited to start the bibles, and I’ve bought all the books the schedule requires. I aim to fully commit to the schedule for the duration of the journey, but worry that 4hrs a day isn’t enough prep?

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

  31. I had two LR sections and both had 26 questions. This means that both must be “real.” Add that to the 23 for LG and 27 for RC and this test had 102 questions.

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