June 2015 LSAT Discussion


As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, June 8th, 2015.We’ll update this post to track the June 2015 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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  1. yeah what they said about the games… lol

    RC wasn’t so bad, Glass, videos in ethnography, morals & Immanuel Kant, judge’s bias
    had exp LR

  2. I had two RC’s hopefully the first one was the experimental because I know I didn’t do that well on that one

      • Yeah they were pretty bad. All of the passages were super long and hard to understand. Im just worried because I also had to guess at the end of two sections because I ran out of time. Hopefully my guesses were correct or at least some of them.

      • Yeah i also felt like the reading comprehension was difficult. It certainly wasn’t easy and I found that I didn’t get to finish the last passage. Did you find the comparative more difficult than usual? Or was it all the passages as a whole?

      • I found the passage about the judges to be sort of difficult to track and the comparative passage was kind rough too.

    • The reading comp about glass, Kant, and…ethnographers was the real one. I had three LRs. Do you by any chance remember if you had a questions about an argument critiquing a writer for not being as good as his mentor or something like that on one of your LRs?

      • Yeah that sounds familiar. Also, how do you know which is the actual one and the experimental RC. The glass one is the one that I feel like I did really well on and the first one was super hard and I had to guess on the last passage.

      • I had RC LR LG RC LR. The one that was real with the above was the fourth section. I as well though the experimental section was more difficult than the actual RC.

      • Yea the first one was worded weird, hopefully the first one was the experimental one

      • Well, I had LR as my experimental section and had one RC section. The one RC I had is the real one 🙂 Wait, the last passage was the glass one though?

    • I had 2 RC’s. One was easy and one eas lretty rough. Turns out the rough one was the real one. It had the passage about judge’s recusal.

  3. I had three LR, I was stumped on the last question of the last game. The topic was features in a newspaper. I’m worried I may have messed up one of the rules since I had no clue on the last question

  4. Stepharizona on

    Employees from different departments and their salaries/bonuses
    Librarian’s workweek, with 2 shifts on Saturday
    Seven types of trees being planted in lots
    Publication with spots for articles, features, graphics, etc.

  5. I had three LR sections so obviously one of them was the experimental one. Hopefully the last LR was the experimental one because that was for sure my worst one out of the three. The one LG I had was pretty rough in my opinion.

    • I agree. I had 3 LRs as well and that last one was weird. I also had a really sporadic answering pattern that didn’t match the other two.

      • Now that you mention that I do remember that I was concerned about the pattern of answers I was putting down. Hopefully its just the first 2 being graded. Because with the first two LR and the one RC I had it will help pick me up from the poor LG I had.

      • I actually had a strange pattern on my first LR (maybe mine were in different order) a lot of clumping of answers and I thought some of the stimuli were worded more cryptically than the other sections.

      • I’m pretty sure the LR section with the strange answering pattern was the experimental section. I had the experimental LG section and didn’t notice anything unusual about either LR.

      • I had a similar feeling for one of my LR sections too, the answers were clumped together. I felt like it was the second LR section. I had LR, RC, LR, LR, LG. I’ve been reading that the two sections that had 25 questions were the real scored sections. I’m thinking on my test the first one was real and the one right after the break was real.

  6. I had both logic games. Some people had two RC sections. I think the first game was experimental. It had the “circle” diagram in it.

    • One with games about bonuses, trees, and employee’s scheduler was real. I had experimental logical reasoning section.

      • Thanks for this! I had two logic games sections, so your comment is very helpful.

        The whole time I’d been preparing for the LSAT I was hoping the logic games section would be the first one, so I could attack it when I was still sharp and get it out of the way. Lo’ and behold, it was, so it was a bit of an unpleasant surprise when I got to the third section and realized it was logic games again. Sounds like that third section was the real one, which is interesting, because I felt like it was the tougher of the two. (still nailed it)

        None of the logic games in either section were in the high difficulty range compared to the hardest games in the latest 10 Actuals book.

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