UPDATE: 2/29 – 5:30PM CST – It is Gray Day! Scores are coming out for February test takers.

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For those of you who are trying to figure out which section is experimental, here is a list of the REAL passages & games:

– Botanists – Shrubs & Bushes
– Urban Growth
– Employee Rights
– Female Sculptors

– Pillows & Mirrors
– Cities – Paris, Madrid and London
– Volunteers & Days
– Bookstore

You’ve spent countless hours over the past few months pouring over lessons, drilling questions, and taking preptests.

Your friends have stopped texting you because you’ve always got your head in a book.

Your significant other has gone to bed alone while you stayed up to review your last preptest.

Your parents have called you to make sure you’re still alive.

Now you’re even starting to have weird dreams about working through LSAT questions.

As you’ve slowly adjusted to living your life in 35-minute increments, the LSAT has so thoroughly engulfed your mind that you can’t even escape the LSAT while you sleep.

It’s been a long road my friends, but alas, you’ve reached the finish line. Congrats!

As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, February 6, 2016.

We’ll update this post to track the February 6 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

Please remember, do not post specifics about the test questions. LSAC closely monitors posts and are especially sensitive about the February test, as it not disclosed.


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  1. Very confident in LG, and most of the LR, but I had RC as my experimental section, so on top of brain burn out and having already done an RC section earlier, I bombed it. Just couldn’t think through the questions/answers. Mostly guessed. Relying very heavily on solid LG, and good-very good LR sections. Really scared the RC did me in and I got half the questions wrong.

      • Really hoping the odds are in my favor! I just know I felt so “over it” and brain dead, like I couldn’t process the information in the ‘real’ RC section at the end. Really bracing for the worst at this point.

      • I know the feeling. I think the RC experimental can be the most draining of all the experimental section types. Hopefully you’re planning on starting law school in 2017 & have a shot again in June just in case. Let me know how it went when you get scores back in a couple weeks. Best of luck!

  2. I did better on the experimental logic game. Nonetheless I’m so so glad I didn’t have 2 RC or 3 LR sections. And now it’s the waiting game.

    • You are so lucky you didn’t have 2 RC!! Haha I was brain dead by the second one. So much to comprehend after the previous 2 hours of testing.

      • I can’t remember which games were in which LG section, but I remember the first one being more difficult than the second. Was the second section of games the experimental?

    • Which games were on the experimental LG section? Do you remember? I remember one being much easier than the other, but I’m drawing a blank as to what games were in what section!

  3. Your logical reasoning tips helped a lot, and so did the 3 month schedule. Thankful for lawschooli and it’s affordability.

  4. I had RC as my experimental section as well and I thought both sections of RC was somewhat not as difficult as I expected. RC is my weakest LSAT subject, but today I feel very confident that I did pretty well on RC. The Logic Games were way too easy I skipped the Cities LG but I had time to come back and work it out at the end. The LR sections seemed average a lot of assumption questions and I rarely saw MBT questions. Overall, this exam seemed somewhat average compared to the many practice exams I’ve taken.

    • Sounds like you put in a good performance Sandy! Hoping to hear that you crushed it when scores come out! Congrats on getting through one of the toughest days of your life!


  5. I am so thankful for the study schedule, also! I’ve done a practice test six days a week for a month and felt comfortable in each section, timing stress was manageable and I was able to devote enough time to think throu each and every question. There were very few that I guessed on, and I was able to eliminate a few answers before guessing. That said, I have no idea my score, I’m just comfortable with the challenge. I was sick during the December test and got a disappointing score way below my usual testing average so devoted the last month to daily work led by your suggested tests. This score will more accurately reflect my competence.

    • That’s fantastic Mary! Sounds like a very strong performance. I’m very happy to hear that our study schedules helped, but the hard work and effort that you put in is what really made the difference! Hope to hear that you killed it! Please keep me updated!

      Best of luck!

  6. Hi Josh,
    I took a Blueprint course, also self-studied using the bibles, your schedule, and took practice tests over the last 5 months. I had a 155 diagnostic, however, today was incredibly disappointing, I was barely halfway through my games when time was up. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I am positive I will have to retake the exam in June. I greatly appreciate your response. Kind regards, Ana

  7. I used the 3 month Prep schedule for the October LSAT, but I didn’t really adhere to it. But I made sure that I studied it thoroughly before this LSAT. I got 2 LG sections and did phenomenal on them 🙂
    I know I did exceptional on one of the LR sections and horrible on the other, because I was burned out. The RC section was fairly easy and did not have difficult material. Overall, this LSAT was the easiest out of all of last year’s Preptests. Whether it was because I studied a lot with the prep schedule or I was just lucky to do an easy LSAT, I am thankful to the schedule I used. I will share my results later and hopefully earn a spot on the LSAT diaries. Thank you 🙂

    • Me too!!!! I don’t 4emember a pillow and mirror game! I only had one LG. I remember one was 5 day thing, photographers, cities and that’s it. I’m thinking maybe it’s the first game I did that in 5 minutes so I don’t even remember it lol

      • If it makes you feel any better, I have no recollection of the bookstore game. I’m also pretty sure the pillow mirror game was one of the first of the games. It had to do with a bunch of things on sale.

      • I felt like this test was harder than December test. Two of the games literally had no inferences to be made. People complained about the committee game on the December test but that was super easy…it split into 2 boards but two games on this test had literally no inferences .

      • YES! None! I was staring at a couple of the games for 2-3 mins trying to find inferences and finally just moved on to the questions.

      • Ok. I’m glad that you don’t remember it as well. I was freaking out all night that I missed something. I did the first game so quick so maybe it was that one.

      • Ok I was hoping that was the case I was done so quick I don’t remember seeing that. Then I panicked all night a missed something.

  8. It seems that everyone had either two RCs or two LGs. But I had three LR sections, is that supposed to be normal? I’m getting a bit freaked out right now, feels like my test is different from everyone else’s. Please let me know if anyone is in the same situation as me!!

  9. I also had 3 LR. Two of the logic games were INSANELY easy. Like, suspiciously easy. I messed around too much with cities lg; should’ve skipped it. I had to skip a few questions in it and had no time for the remaining one, which seemed easier. Oh well. The order my sections were in was IDEAL. my last section was LR though, and I was spent by that time. Couldn’t concentrate for the life of me!

  10. Also did anyone else who is familiar with usual LSAT answer sheets find it interesting that this time, instead of asking how we prepared for the LSAT, they instead asked of our familiarity with smartphones, touch-screens, and reading long passages on the computer. Does this mean LSAT will make the switch to computer-base examinations instead of the hand-written ones? If so, how do you guys feel about that? I personally prefer it the way it currently is.

    • im pretty sure I didn’t get asked this– I remember filling in how i studied for the test, but nothing about familiarity with tablets, etc. maybe I didn’t see it? Was it hard to see? Also was it a mandatory response needed?

  11. I feel okay about this test. I don’t think i will be in my 165+ goal that i had achieved in practice tests, but probably around 160. I had 2 RC. The first one I bombed and I think it was the experimental because I remember employee rights being on my last section which I think I did decent on.

    The first two logic games were very easy. I was 12 minutes in and confident i was at 100% with those two. I spent way too much time on the 3rd game and ended up guessing on a couple then not having adequate time to complete all of 4.

    The LR sections seemed very typical. A lot of assumption questions and principle questions. I wish I started studying sooner…

  12. Honestly this test had harder games than December. Everyone was complaining about the committee game being unduable, but that was super easy it split into two subgame boards and you could answer questions in seconds. This test literally had TWO unduable games you couldn’t even make any inferences so all the questions were time consuming.

  13. I have to agree about the LG section in this test. The first two easy, the last two not so much. There were no inferences and simply no time to go through each of the answer options to rule them out. I definitely had to guess on a few in the last game. I had the LG section first and then the experimental RC section. I bombed that section. Made no sense spent way too much time on it and missed almost two whole sections. When I saw that I had another RC section as my last section I prayed that the first one was the experimental. Thank goodness it looks like the one I bombed was the experimental. That section in my opinion was cruel and exhausting!

  14. I think that the committee game was the experimental section, because I had three LR sections, and had to me memory of any committee game. What I had for the LG was a game with the sales and stuff.

    Overall, what do you guys think would be the curve for this test?

    • I was referring to the committee game on the December 2015 game which everyone was complaining about.

      Hopefully lenient curve

  15. I thought the entire test went entirely well! I was averaging 173 on all my practice exams, but was still insanely nervous for the test. When I started the test, all my nervousness went away. I knew exactly what I had to do. I’m a little disappointed to find out that the real RC section is the one that I was hoping was experimental, but I’m hoping that I did well enough on all the other sections that I can afford to lose some points there.

    Thanks so much for the 4 month stuy schedule! I never would’ve been that confident without it!

  16. I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who bounced a bit on the cities game. Luckily I didn’t suffer from the brain fatigue that characterized much of my preptest work. My strategy: sleep 5 hours Thursday night and then 10+ on Friday. A good friend of mine is a nutritionist and reccomended both the sleep schedule and smart water hydration the day before. It helped tremendously for the second two sections. I had two RC sections- one before and one after the break- and to be honest, I was praying for another shot at an RC. The first one I bombed. Good luck to everyone and thank you Josh and Evan for your expert advice.

  17. I had 3 LR sections. Does anybody know how I could figure out which one was experimental? There were two sections that had 25 questions so I’m guessin one of those was experimental and the one with 26 quetions was real. Kinda hard to figure out though.


    • I had three LR too. I think the first one in the beginning section that asked about oak tree vs. Bravey tree (something along those lines) was exprimental. The second LR and the last one with 26 question was real. I was hoping the first one was real.

      • Are you talking about the oak leaves and maple leaves question that was like the second question in the section? That one was for sure not an experimental section. I had two LG sections and that question was in one of my LRs.

      • YES THAT ONE! it was #2 on the section. I thought it was exprimental because I didn’t see anyone talk about it. Thanks

      • OMG if that one was experimental I’m saved . Cuz yes the first one was 25 and so hard IMO. Section three and section five we’re my other LRs and I thought they were ok

      • Was your comparative RC passage second or last or somewhere else? Was the topic insider stock trading?

    • Yes the African American woman sculptor was named Lewis was the real rc. I wish I had 2 rc sections. It’s so much better than 3 LRs.

      • do you by any chance remember which one was the comparative passage? I had RC as my second and 5th sections but I am completely blacked out as to which passage was in which section 🙁

  18. Any idea when scores are coming out? I know they tend to release them 1-3 days ahead of time and today is 3 days before the official release date..I’m just so anxious!

    • I got a 167..94th percentile. JOSH- do you think this is still good enough to get into University of Chicago with a 3.93 GPA??

      • Sam: 167 is the 25th %ile LSAT score for UChicago, so you definitely have a shot.

        Are you hoping to start law school this fall or fall 2017?

        If you apply for fall 2017 you’ll definitely have a better chance for 2 reasons: First, you can get your app in early in the cycle which will improve your chances of getting in. Second, you can retake in June and take a shot at a higher score. If you’re able to add a couple extra points to that score, you’d be in really good shape.


      • I’ll be applying early decision for Fall 2017. I’m hoping that will help, because I wasn’t planning on retaking it in June..

  19. I took the LSAT twice and unfortunately I missed one of the bubbles so I started bubbling answers from three instead of 4.. screwed me over I am beyond disappointed and sad. My first score was pretty good and I have a 3.75 GPA from a top 20 university in california I want to take it again in September apply for fall 2017.. my question is how bad will it be to take it in 3 times what are my disadvantages?

    • Almost all law law schools now only consider your highest LSAT score: https://lawschooli.com/do-law-schools-consider-multiple-lsat-scores/

      So no need to worry about retaking it 3 times.

      You may want to consider taking it in June rather than October for two reasons:

      1) June scores are released before law schools begin accepting applications, whereas October scores aren’t released until applications have been open for a month or two. Getting your apps in earlier in the cycle will boost your chances of getting in.

      2) It might be a better idea to pick up where you left off now, before your skills start to fade. If you take a few months off before you start prepping for the September exam, you may find that you’ve gotten quite rusty and you’ll be starting back at square one.

      Since you can only take the LSAT 3 times within 2 years, it is very important that you get it right this time. I’d love to help you ensure that the next try goes well. I’ve helped many retakers improve their score in the LSAT Mastermind group. If you need some extra guidance, I think you could greatly benefit from joining.

      Check it out and let me know if you’re interested: https://lawschooli.com/lsat-mastermind

      Joshua Craven

  20. Josh,

    Thank you SO much for creating such an incredible study program. Thanks to your study schedule, I was able to raise my initial score 15 points, and achieve a score that will allow me to be accepted into my dream school, Ohio State. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to raise their score significantly–it is hard work, but so worthwhile in the end.

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