UPDATE – 03/02/15

UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 7:00 PM (CST) – Score Are Out, Now What?

Watch the free webinar replay here: You Got Your LSAT Score. Now What? – Live at 10:30 PM Central Standard Time

We’ll discussed topics including:

  • What school can you get into with your score?
  • How to know if you should retake
  • What is an acceptable score with which to apply to law school right now?
  • Negotiating for higher scholarships if your score improved

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UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 6:10 PM (CST) – We Have Gray!

Scores are on the way, later in the day than I have ever seen! Good luck to all of you! Let us know how you did in the comments.

We already know of at least one person who has their score. Remember, however, that scores do not roll out all at once so just hang tight!

UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 3:45PM (CST)

Still no grey :(:(:( LSAT historians will note that it has gone from green to grey later in the day than this, so there is still a chance of a release today. While you are waiting, figure out if you even have the ability to perceive differences in color: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrachromacy. All this dress nonsense had me wondering, but it turns out I’m a tetrachromat (this is Evan by the way).


UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 3:00PM (CST)

It’s Monday and there is yet no gray 🙁 I extend my sympathy to this year’s February waiters, who are getting an unusually late release.

I’m feeling glad that we didn’t make a score release date prediction this time around. I guess it’s possible that all the winter weather has put LSAC behind. While they usually get scores out a few days in advance of the scheduled release date, here they are going to beat it by one day at best.

02/07/2015 – 5:00PM (CST)

Still Getting Conflicting Reports on LG, Fill out this survey please and let’s get a consensus.

Fill out my online form.

LG Survey Results

02/07/2015 – 3:30PM (CST)

I think we’ve got the experimental sections sorted out. Can you help us confirm?

RC Survey Results

02/07/2015 – 2:30PM (CST)

For those of you trying to figure out which section was experimental…

From what we’re seeing so far, here’s a breakdown of the real sections:

Can anyone confirm these? or fill in the blanks? Let me know in the comments.


Real Reading Comprehension Passages

  • African American Female Cartoonist/Comic Strips
  • Banking/loans/credits/developing areas
  • Dark Energy/Universe Expanding/Einstein’s Theory/Nova Exploding
  • Property Ownership


Real Logic Games

  • Intern/Projects?
  • Vintage Cars on Display?
  • Agenda/Projects?
  • Sculptures/Art Gallery?


Real Logical Reasoning Questions

  • chimpanzees
  • periwinkle clams
  • bat pups
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Please let me know if this looks right & help me fill in the blanks by commenting below. Thanks!


02/07/2015 – 1:15PM (CST)

It looks like the first round of test-takers are now finishing up! Hope you CRUSHED it today!

02/07/2015 – 1:00PM (CST)

As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, February 7th, 2015.

We’ll update this post to track the February 2015 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

Need to Retake? We’re Here to Help

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  1. Ill start ya off
    RC – Dark Energy/Comic strip/property ownership/?
    LR- chimpanzees/periwinkle clams/bat pups(I think 2 diff LR but not sure)
    LG- North&South/group project/??
    an exp LG had medical specialties

  2. Everything that was there was what I had studied for since August and was exactly what I was expecting. I would rather take the LSAT 100x than take the SAT ever again.

  3. I had
    LG (doctors over 4 months had me a bit rattled)
    LR (pretty easy if you were able to recognize the hardest 3 questions in the teens and not spin your wheels)
    RC (classic “African American does something amazing/under appreciated/overcome obstacle/not valued by big mean whitey)
    LR (tougher of the 2 I thought)

    And after all that high level thinking they ask me to write an essay arguing if a Computer convention with a goal of attracting a lot of people and generating revenue should be in bustling metropolis or average college town teeming with academia and micro aggression.

    • I had the same order as you. I’m trying to figure if the first section or the 2nd section was the experimental? I struggled with the 2nd section which had an easier loose sequencing game in the middle of the section & 3 combo games I think? Do you remember by any chance?

      • I had the same order as you guys. first LG section i panicked big time…. all i remember was the first game had K,L,N,O,M in it…. and another about investments?

        the 3rd section had a sequencing game, ST>W…T>V…. and another with North/South in the same section. Thats all i remember :S I found the 3rd section much easier…. perhaps because i didnt have a friggin panick attach!

  4. I had

    LG: (Experimental) I hope first two were super easy and then i got stuck on the 3rd.

    LR: Standard

    LG:: (September October November)

    S!: African American female cartoonist,
    S2: Banking: loans/credits in developing areas: Super Bank
    S3 The universe expanding: Einstein’s theory since 1917… vs measuring the size of nova’s exploding
    S4: Property ownership

    Periwinkle clam

    [moderated: too much detail]

  5. How many questions were in each? 25 25 27 and…. I can’t remember what the other one had but I’m pretty sure I erased the wrong one

    • I had the same order as Eric.
      Eric do you feel like the last LR (right after the break) was the experimental? I really hope it was…

      • Yes, I hope so too. It was a lot harder and the other LR sections. Even the first few questions of that section threw me off a bit which was a first.

      • Exactly. I can generally fly through the first page or so of an LR section and this was very different. I attributed some of that to trying to settle back in after the break. I’m just overall so thankful that I didn’t have two LG sections.

  6. I had two logic games trying to figureout which was experimental. One of em ended with 2 group ordering and another ended with 4 doctors

  7. Better than December. Games were okay, not brutal like December. LR was average difficulty, nothing too shocking. Passages were semi enjoyable, easy to understand. The supernova one, answers to questions were mostly easy to spot in passage. I think I did much better this time around.

    Btw, my facility was empty. Indeed law school enrollments will be done again this year.

  8. Evans predictions for experimental cs real are CORRECT. I didn’t have an experimental section.

    Real Reading Comprehension Passages

    African American Female Cartoonist/Comic Strips
    Banking/loans/credits/developing areas
    Dark Energy/Universe Expanding/Einstein’s Theory/Nova Exploding
    Property Ownership

    Real Logic Games

    Vintage Cars on Display?
    Sculptures/Art Gallery?

    Real Logical Reasoning Questions

    periwinkle clams
    bat pups
    Please let me know if this looks right & help me fill in the blanks by

    • I cannot tell which q belongs to which section, but following are what I remember:
      bicycle and accidents;
      pollution in a valley and the close of some factory
      cinnamon can kill some germs (good idea! spray some cinnamon power to your food after it cools down!)
      Utopia and existence & failure
      poison in creek or lake, the death of fish and birds
      forest fire and global warming.
      some shy lowland or mountain animal. some are bold, some are shy.
      some fish and ph
      some chimpanzee in Africa
      some bats and their story
      public school and private school, their efficiency
      some mayors says something….
      richness of novel. you need to read to book for a full understanding, don’t watch the dram only.
      candidates and the voting behavior from three age groups
      leadership, moral
      pessimistic and the success of a corp
      therapy and dreams

      • Wow, you remembered all that? I also had 3 LR sections but not the 26-question one you had. Many of your topics listed did not come on any of my LR sections.

  9. One of the games was talking about different properties (I think) ranked different classes, class 1,2,3 and trading them. Was this part of the experimental? Does anyone remember?

  10. LR LR LG break LR RC.
    Obviously one of the LR sections was experimental but I’m not sure which one. I believe the third. Did anyone else have this order?
    The third had some really funky tangled setups right from the start. I’m hoping it was the experimental.
    And…I am SO happy I didn’t have an exam with two LG sections.

    For everyone who has taken the test previously, do the scores come out prior to being released to schools or simultaneously?
    Also, does it really take a full three weeks to hear back or are scores sometimes posted sooner?
    Thank you!

    • I had the same order, though i couldn’t really tell which was experimental (Question count was 25, 26, 25 so it was probably the first or third one that was experimental to total 101 qs). Hoping it’s the first one though, because i totally had a panic attack when the test started so i have no clue how i did. Likewise so happy there wasn’t two LGs.

      • Eli,
        Panic attacks are the worst!
        I’m hoping it was the third one because I had a hard time settling back in after the break. Tip – don’t wait til the last minute to come back after the break, come in early and settle in.
        While I hope it was the third one, I’m also rooting for you!

    • If you guys had a 26 question LR then it was experimental because I had 3 LR sections and all of them were 25 questions. It’s confirmed that this test only had 100 questions total.

    • I had the same order, with 3 LR, and I too think the third one was the exp. It was the first one back from break, and everything felt strangely worded to me. I hope it was the exp, because if it wasn’t, I did really poorly on it.

  11. Guys, show some love for people in undisclosed tests~ How about a separate survey for them?
    My test was undisclosed, and I see now that it was completely different from what is listed here (except for the essay topic — convention center in big or small city).
    I bombed one of two RC sections, with the last two questions unanswered due to time limit(TIP, practice with analog watches, not digital ones; I had huge trouble reading time from the official timer and my analog watch, which made impossible time management). I might decide to cancel, as I suspect that I bombed the first question set in LG section too.

    The trouble is I cannot recall anything about either RC sections. I blame my memory, but is there anyway to know topics of both the real and the experimental articles in undisclosed test? Knowing both real and experimental topics is crucial because I can recall so little :<, I need all information I can get.

    Still, I understand from another test taker that, for the undisclosed test, the real RC section definitely contains an article on Native American tribes, whose settlements were highly developed in 1200 AD yet was abandoned in 1300. This article is, I recall vaguely, in a different section than another article about a Native American artifact suspected to record astronomical information.

    Thanks a ton!

      • Ah, alright. That makes more sense. The Feb. test is disclosed worldwide. However, there is a difference between the US & international version. I don’t have enough info on the international test to prepare a survey at this time. I’d be happy to put something together if you have any ideas on how I might be able to make that happen. Please let me know & I’d love to help.


    • Hi Titan! I took the LSAT in London, dk if it’s the same one but I had 2LG and only one RC. The real RC had one on a feminist author/architecture, Egyptian/African writing, comparitive on scientific thinking and one on video testimony if I remember correctly. Do those sound familiar? If so could you let me know what was in the real LG? tia

  12. I wonder if anyone notice that the topics in LR can be a prediction or a summarization of Another year’s RC essays? I did one LR summarizing the ways to prevent small scale forest fire and this is exactly one of recent year’s RC essay, right? Again, there is another forest fire prevention LR yesterday in my section, but this time not about the scale but about why the evaporation in the climate will not help. I feel the authors must read tons of related academic papers, write one long RC essay, then several LR passages as byproducts. Any thoughts?

    • I have 3 LR sections and did not have any questions on forest fires. That is from the 26-question LR that some people got as experimental.

    • Based on the discussion it seems subset game was in the real LG. I thought the game was ok once you got past fact it was subsets.

  13. I had RC (exp) LR LG LG RC (pretty sure) and the first experimental reading comp killed me… It felt so different and weird, which is why I was so glad to find out that it wasn’t real. The LR felt like the one on the June 2014 LSAT which I did for timed prep, but the real RC was definitely harder. For LR there was a question about teacher/non teacher staffing. Overall I just left the test center felling tired, so hopefully the curve is in everyones favor.

  14. I had two logic game sections. The one was very evenly distributed difficulty wise; similar to practice tests. The other section was comprised of three moderately easy games and one difficult pattern game that I had trouble even starting. I’m hoping this was the experimental section since pattern games are rare. I honestly cannot remember the topics of the games because I think of them more as letters and places…

    • The pattern game was experimental. I was thrilled when I figured that out because it really was tough. I think it was about doctors and specialties or something along those lines.

      • I hope so! I don’t remember what it was about. I just remember it was with three really easy games…that’s why I was panicking that it was not the experimental section.

  15. Olga, so was the first RC experimental? Oh my God, I hope so, I had the same order on the test as you, if you meant to put LR instead of two LG’s…The order mine went was : RC, ,LR, LG, LR, and RC, and it felt so strange than any practice test I’ve ever taken and I was constantly second-guessing myself to the point that I am deciding whether or not to cancel my score this very moment lol…

    • My experimental reading section contained a passage about lacquer and architecture, and everything about it, from the passage to the questions to the answer choices felt wrong, my second rc contained the passages which have been confirmed real and while it was hard(ish) it felt familiar. Hopefully your first section is experimental as well (that’s actually how I practiced)!

  16. Did anyone have LR questions on the following:

    – Andy Warhol’s brillo boxes
    – Scandinavian schizophrenia
    – Modern engineers recreating the Parthenon
    – Decaffeination process that tastes bad
    – Rare books and expensive books in a library
    – Benefits to the rich being justified
    – A company’s product being good/expensive

    • I only had 2 LR sections, and I do not believe either of them contained the first two questions, but they did have all the others. I think warhol is probably experimental.

    • No. Andy Warhol’s brillo boxes
      No. Scandinavian schizophrenia
      Yes. Modern engineers recreating the Parthenon
      Yes. Decaffeination process that tastes bad
      Yes. Rare books and expensive books in a library
      Not sure. Benefits to the rich being justified
      Yes. A company’s product being good/expensive

  17. Jordan,

    I had all of those questions as well from what I remember. My order for the test was : lr, lg, lr, lr, rc

    Just curious which section was experimental?

  18. Dan, I had the same order as you. I’m trying to figure out which one was experimental too. I’m thinking it was the last one, the one with Andy Warhol I believe, since no one has mentioned it and it seems like that would be a memorable question.

    • You are correct. I didn’t have anything with Andy Warhol and I only had two LR sections. I also don’t remember anything about Scandinavian Schizophrenia.

      I did have the Parthenon, decaf, rare books, and the good/expensive questions.

    • Jordan and Dan,
      I had LR LG LR LR RC
      I had all of the items in Jordan’s list except Andy Warhol. I don’t remember that one at all..
      So this leaves me confused as to which LR was experimental.
      Is it possible that LSAC mixes exp questions in with legit questions and creates two separate experimental sections? This would make it really difficult to discern the exp section using the method of this forum.

      • I’m in the same boat as you all. LR LG LR LR RC. No Warhol question for me. I’m just hoping my first LR was the experimental — it was a rocky start…

  19. I had 3 LR Sections! bummerrrr
    Other than that, it wasn’t terrible.
    I felt like it was a bit more difficult than December though? Idk just my thoughts.
    My order was
    LG-cars,antiques,interns, can’t remember the other
    RC – same as stated in survey

  20. Did anyone find one of the LR sections to have an excessive amount of choice E’s? I know the test is usually pretty even when it comes to how many of each choice is used per section to avoid guessing your way to a 170 lol

  21. For all those who had 3 LR sections, which one do you think was experimental. Numerically, first, second, or third LR section?

  22. Hi fellow waiters –
    Week one down. Two more to go!
    This was my first LSAT.
    My applications are already in.
    The waiting continues…
    For those who have taken it before, did LSAC release scores on the scheduled date or before/later?

  23. I received my score, the email was sent 41 minutes ago. I am happy with my score but I can’t see the details of my score (section by section) is it always like that for february lsat or they will release it?

  24. I received my score about 2 hours ago. I’m happy with it. I surprisingly did better than any of my practice test scores. But now I’m wondering if I should study further and take it again in June to shoot for an even higher score?

  25. I scored 4 points lower than my PT average and got a 162. My gpa is over 3.9, but I’m just nervous the schools I want to shoot for are out of reach now with a 162 lsat. My biggest worry is that if I attempt to retake the test I won’t improve because I’ve gone through so many of the practice materials (LG bibles and tons of practice tests)….is it still worth retaking? How do I reinvent the wheel with the practice materials you all recommend for a second go around? Are there other materials you’d suggest?

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