February 2015 LSAT Discussion


UPDATE – 03/02/15

UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 7:00 PM (CST) – Score Are Out, Now What?

Watch the free webinar replay here: You Got Your LSAT Score. Now What? – Live at 10:30 PM Central Standard Time

We’ll discussed topics including:

  • What school can you get into with your score?
  • How to know if you should retake
  • What is an acceptable score with which to apply to law school right now?
  • Negotiating for higher scholarships if your score improved

Watch here:

Or follow these links:

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UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 6:10 PM (CST) – We Have Gray!

Scores are on the way, later in the day than I have ever seen! Good luck to all of you! Let us know how you did in the comments.

We already know of at least one person who has their score. Remember, however, that scores do not roll out all at once so just hang tight!

UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 3:45PM (CST)

Still no grey :(:(:( LSAT historians will note that it has gone from green to grey later in the day than this, so there is still a chance of a release today. While you are waiting, figure out if you even have the ability to perceive differences in color: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrachromacy. All this dress nonsense had me wondering, but it turns out I’m a tetrachromat (this is Evan by the way).


UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 3:00PM (CST)

It’s Monday and there is yet no gray 🙁 I extend my sympathy to this year’s February waiters, who are getting an unusually late release.

I’m feeling glad that we didn’t make a score release date prediction this time around. I guess it’s possible that all the winter weather has put LSAC behind. While they usually get scores out a few days in advance of the scheduled release date, here they are going to beat it by one day at best.

02/07/2015 – 5:00PM (CST)

Still Getting Conflicting Reports on LG, Fill out this survey please and let’s get a consensus.

Fill out my online form.

LG Survey Results

02/07/2015 – 3:30PM (CST)

I think we’ve got the experimental sections sorted out. Can you help us confirm?

RC Survey Results

02/07/2015 – 2:30PM (CST)

For those of you trying to figure out which section was experimental…

From what we’re seeing so far, here’s a breakdown of the real sections:

Can anyone confirm these? or fill in the blanks? Let me know in the comments.


Real Reading Comprehension Passages

  • African American Female Cartoonist/Comic Strips
  • Banking/loans/credits/developing areas
  • Dark Energy/Universe Expanding/Einstein’s Theory/Nova Exploding
  • Property Ownership


Real Logic Games

  • Intern/Projects?
  • Vintage Cars on Display?
  • Agenda/Projects?
  • Sculptures/Art Gallery?


Real Logical Reasoning Questions

  • chimpanzees
  • periwinkle clams
  • bat pups
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Please let me know if this looks right & help me fill in the blanks by commenting below. Thanks!


02/07/2015 – 1:15PM (CST)

It looks like the first round of test-takers are now finishing up! Hope you CRUSHED it today!

02/07/2015 – 1:00PM (CST)

As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, February 7th, 2015.

We’ll update this post to track the February 2015 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

Need to Retake? We’re Here to Help

It goes without saying that we want you to be in the group that solid schools are fighting for. The prospect of getting a big scholarship at an elite school is a big carrot. If you plan to go to law school, your motivation level to grab that carrot should be through the roof.

LSATMM-orangeFor those shooting to do the very best possible on the LSAT, we invite you to work with us. We run the LSAT Mastermind Group, a small group of motivated students who can help each other and rely on Evan and I for support.

We are in the process of enrolling a small number of students studying for the June LSAT and beyond to, so join now if you’re going to be retaking. Once you are in, you are in for life, with access to hundreds of lessons and weekly small group tutoring/coaching with Evan & I.


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  6.  Rankings
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  1. I had two logic games trying to figureout which was experimental. One of em ended with 2 group ordering and another ended with 4 doctors

    • I had the same order as Eric.
      Eric do you feel like the last LR (right after the break) was the experimental? I really hope it was…

      • Yes, I hope so too. It was a lot harder and the other LR sections. Even the first few questions of that section threw me off a bit which was a first.

      • Exactly. I can generally fly through the first page or so of an LR section and this was very different. I attributed some of that to trying to settle back in after the break. I’m just overall so thankful that I didn’t have two LG sections.

  2. How many questions were in each? 25 25 27 and…. I can’t remember what the other one had but I’m pretty sure I erased the wrong one

  3. I had

    LG: (Experimental) I hope first two were super easy and then i got stuck on the 3rd.

    LR: Standard

    LG:: (September October November)

    S!: African American female cartoonist,
    S2: Banking: loans/credits in developing areas: Super Bank
    S3 The universe expanding: Einstein’s theory since 1917… vs measuring the size of nova’s exploding
    S4: Property ownership

    Periwinkle clam

    [moderated: too much detail]

  4. I had
    LG (doctors over 4 months had me a bit rattled)
    LR (pretty easy if you were able to recognize the hardest 3 questions in the teens and not spin your wheels)
    RC (classic “African American does something amazing/under appreciated/overcome obstacle/not valued by big mean whitey)
    LR (tougher of the 2 I thought)

    And after all that high level thinking they ask me to write an essay arguing if a Computer convention with a goal of attracting a lot of people and generating revenue should be in bustling metropolis or average college town teeming with academia and micro aggression.

    • I had the same order as you. I’m trying to figure if the first section or the 2nd section was the experimental? I struggled with the 2nd section which had an easier loose sequencing game in the middle of the section & 3 combo games I think? Do you remember by any chance?

      • I had the same order as you guys. first LG section i panicked big time…. all i remember was the first game had K,L,N,O,M in it…. and another about investments?

        the 3rd section had a sequencing game, ST>W…T>V…. and another with North/South in the same section. Thats all i remember :S I found the 3rd section much easier…. perhaps because i didnt have a friggin panick attach!

  5. Everything that was there was what I had studied for since August and was exactly what I was expecting. I would rather take the LSAT 100x than take the SAT ever again.

  6. Ill start ya off
    RC – Dark Energy/Comic strip/property ownership/?
    LR- chimpanzees/periwinkle clams/bat pups(I think 2 diff LR but not sure)
    LG- North&South/group project/??
    an exp LG had medical specialties

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