For those of you who are trying to figure out which section is experimental, here is a list of the REAL passages & games:

– Gender Studies/Women in Rome
– Black National Theater
– Corporate Crime/Punishment
– Lamarack Theory

– Chinatown

– Concerts
– Pottery
– Office
– Committees

– Dolphin/Elephant
– Waste Management

As is tradition at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, December 5th, 2015.

We’ll update this post to track the December 2015 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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    • OMG! my many many months of studying and my many many pre-tests looked Nothing like the Real LSAT. All that I can say is wow! My LG section was off the charts-extremely difficult. My head is still spinning. I have no idea how I did.

    • Not nearly enough time to properly complete each question. when I heard “5 minutes remaining” I went into a panic and randomly picked a letter. I was determined not to leave any question unanswered. Omg

    • AH I got two LG sections – was praying the extra easy one was experimental but no such luck. The last two games were crazy difficult!

    • Well, I walked out wondering why in the world a test like this would tell me if I am a law school candidate of not. Then, pondered and felt that after this test maybe Russian roulette would be a better test to tell if I was a law school candidate or not. I studied my butt for three months and walked out more confused and feeling like I wanted to cry. I took the classes, bought the books but when I did this test I didn’t even know what I was doing. Anyone else find that this test felt like the practice tests and studying you did was completely different?

      • YES! I am so glad I am not alone. I felt like I studied ans learned concepts but it was as if what I practiced was not useful at all. The LG section that was confirmed was the the hardest! (I got 2 LG sections).

      • Yes, completely different from everything I studied. I felt like a student walking into an important test and walking out I felt like I bombed it.

    • I had two. The first was fine but if the LG were confirmed then those were the ones I struggled with. First two were fine but the office and committe one messed me up and I ran outta time

    • Yep, LG are my weakest area, but there were some real tough ones. I got two LG sections. I found the second one easier, so I’m hoping the first was experimental!

  1. Is it worth cancelling your score and taking the Feb LSAT if I’m applying for Fall 2016? Should I just register for the LSAT in feb and wait for my score to see what’s up? I’d like to submit applications asap!

  2. So when you say the first passage was about gender you mean the one that talked about the history of women in society, and not the passage about women’s voting rights? Because I got both of those, and they were both my first passage, so knowing which one will help clarify which RC was real on my test. Unfortunately what RC all the other passages were in is jumbled together, so that’s my only real way of knowing.

  3. LG was the final section for mine and I ran out of steam. The last two games gave me a lot of trouble and I just wasn’t making the inferences needed. That said, I felt like LR was relatively easy so hopefully it’ll make up for the LG shortfall.

  4. Did anyone else feel like there was a typo on one of the questions in game 2? It asked which of the letters could be placed in the first space, but I diagramed it and all but one could be placed there which makes me wonder if it was supposed to be can’t. Did anyone else notice this, or did I have a total lapse in judgment while diagramming that one?

  5. To those who only had 2 LR sections, did one of the sections include a question in which the answers were all questions? I’m trying to figure out which LR was the experimental but I can’t remember what the questions were.

  6. I had only one RC section and the real RC is the one with the comparative passages re women in Rome and gender studies

  7. The third logic game was insanely hard (the ranking offices one). I flew through the first 2, but this one threw off my last 2 games. I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed that entire game. I had only one LG and one RC. The RC that is scored is the one with women in history/scholarship and the African American theater group.

    • This one was the one that I had most trouble with but it showed up as the first game set. SO when I finished the section I double checked my work on the other two game sets. I had no idea how to diagram the office one.

  8. Did anyone with 1 RC have one about legal contracts and how judges have to interpret them, but not write them, and how it connects to businesses taking advantage of monopolizing the economy?? Or was that on the experimental?

    • That’s the only corporate type one I remember, so is that was is meant by corporate punishment? I thought it was more contract oriented rather than punishment related, but maybe I just don’t remember what the corporate one was on the real one. It’s a blur ?

  9. Did the logic game about the committees throw anyone else off? The other 3 were a breeze but this one I couldn’t figure out for the life of me

  10. I feel a bit like I did after my first preliminary assessment test before I scored it. I have no idea how I did. I had two logic games sections, one was much, much more difficult than the other. Mostly, I’m trying not to be too confident or too hard on myself. I will say however that the last minute stuff I did in the last few days really helped me. I reviewed a lot from the basic chapters of the LSAT Trainer, and there were little tricks that I remembered at the perfect times that calmed me down.

  11. I had 3 LR 1 RC I LG. Omg I’m glad I’m not alone that one logic game with the ranking…. So hard and completely messed up that section for me

  12. I had 3 LR 1 LG 1 RC

    LG: I felt like the only thing hard about the 4th game was that if you battled through the 3rd game you were just completely out of time! The first, second, & forth games were pretty straight forward with the third game being much more based on figuring out each question by creating a whole new diagram for it. For me it required testing each and every answer choice back to each possible scenario posed by the rules but I think the time constraints are what made it so hard!!!

    LR: I had 2 passages with 26 questions that one was significantly harder than the other and 1 passage with 25 questions that seemed much easier than the other two!

  13. For the LR sections, one of my 3 LR sections had questions where TWO questions were derived from ONE stimulus (something I thought didn’t happen any more on the LSAT).

    Really hoping this was the experimental section. Can anyone confirm?

    • I had 3 LR

      LR, RC, LR, LR, LG.

      I also thought this question was strange and thought this LR section was a bit difficult. I breezed through my first LR section & am really hoping it counted because the other two were much more difficult. One of which has been confirmed (the dolphin/seal question) which was on my third set of LR.

      Also the third LG was brutal! I didn’t even touch it. But I feel pretty good about the other three games. I hope B is a few of the answers on that third game though.

      • I had this also, LR, RC, LR, LR, LG. The first LR was roughest, which was 27 questions. I am thinking that this was the expermental portion? Possibly

      • I think the experimental LR was whichever section had the paragraph with two questions to it instead of just one.

      • My test had the same structure.

        I’m right there with you on section 1 — moved through it really quickly/confidently. The third section (LR2) was wicked! I wish I could remember the question you mentioned.

  14. 1 LR 1 RC 2 LG 1 LR

    RC section was straightforward. I can confirm gender vs women’s history question.

    2 LG much more difficult than first. Was hoping that this was the experimental, but it doesn’t seem like I’m that lucky.

    LR was reasonable.

    I just hope the LGs don’t kill my score :/

    • Same thing here, Cam. I described my section down below… I didn’t have any RC mention Chinatown, which is marked as the “experimental” section above. That marking isn’t “confirmed” (as of writing), so does anyone think there’s a possibility that the second LG could be the experimental section? Especially because there’s never been TWO graded LGs! Haha, or am I just asking that out of desperation?…

  15. Had 2 RC sections. pretty sure the first one was much easier. 3rd logic game really tripped me up, I was happy I skipped it and finished the 4th game first, ended up guessing on 3 of the last 5 questions on game 3 :/ felt like the 2 LR sections were relatively unusual and that there were fewer flaw questions than I’ve ever seen. An odd mixture for sure. Really unsure about how I did on those. Barely made it to the end on the 26 question section. there were quite a few where I wasn’t sure about my answer choice. Overall I feel like it was more difficult than PT76. As someone said, it’s all a blur now…

  16. Did anyone with only 2 LR sections have stimuli with multiple questions (as opposed to a 1-1 stimulus/question ratio for all)

    (Ex: Stimulus ….. #10 & #11)

  17. Can someone clarify what all 4 of the experiment RC pssgs were about? Specifically, the comparitive? What was LAMARACK? Can’t sort it out in my memory now. 1st section for me was RC and felt much easier. 3rd section was RC and had tons of questions for comparitive pssg. Please help remind me what was in which. I do recall brainstorming and that seemed easy but can’t recall if that was 1st or 3rd section of RC. Please dont let the species one be real!!

    • if someone could answer this as well! I also remember being much more comfortable with the first RC and looking at the second RC like “are you serious” but I don’t recall which questions were in which. all I know is that I was praying the first RC was the real one!!

  18. Thanks Nicolle.
    Apparently there were 2 different versions of exp sections for RC that were used on various exams today. On TLS, someone confirmed that they had 2 RC sections, and also couldn’t recall Chinatown either. I just can’t remember what Lamareck was about.
    Does anyone recall the subject matter of Lamarak? (without being specific about questions, of course). 🙂

    I just wanna put this to be to ease my mind so I can start cocktailing after these oh so many months of not! Cheers, everyone!

  19. James,

    From what I’ve been told, the Species passage was in the experimental. I found it very confusing- and was about people and animals/ speices similarities, etc. At least from what I recall in my LSAT brain blur. 🙂
    The RNA/ DNA topic was the Lamark one I believe. Think that was the one that dealt with the evolution issues. It was in my first RC section. My brain is a bit mushy after the exam, but think the RC that I felt best about was the real one, so will thank God all night long about that. Now, that this re-take is finally behind me, the ONLY multiple choice question I want to answer tonight is:
    “What would you like to drink?”
    Off to a Christmas party now, so all the best to everyone who survived today! Hope everyone enjoys the holidays! We certainly deserve it after this!

  20. After seeing all of these comments pertaining to the 3rd game of the LG section, I definitely made the right decision on skipping that and coming back to it with the time remaining. It helped out drastically with completing the 4th game and I still had ample time to get a few right on the 3rd game. Sometimes its best to bite the bullet and go on to the next problem set and go back to the one you skipped later. If anyone is looking for a study partner for a future LSAT, let me know!

  21. Took the test today and, except for the few questions on the second LR that gave me trouble, the test was a breeze for me. Especially the RC: I’ve a distinct feeling that I got every one.

    Nevertheless, I’m intensely paranoid about post-test misconduct notices. The proctors that I had dished out four of them during the test and so, even though I didn’t do anything and wasn’t accused of anything, I can’t help but think they haven’t finished yet, that they’re intent on dishing out a few more. Does anyone know if that ever happens? Do misconduct notices go out in the mail or something or does that not happen? I’ve been reading some threads on top-law-schools saying that these do happen and that when they happen, it is pretty much impossible to defend yourself against it.

    • Actually can my previous post and this one, like those of JC’s, be deleted? I don’t know what I was thinking last night but I was really on edge having just taken the exam, and I was needlessly making myself miserable by thinking through things that could only in the most unlikeliest instances occur to ruin my chances at law school this year.

  22. If an administrator wouldn’t mind, could you please remove my posts from earlier. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

  23. Just took the one in Seoul – Dec 6 – had 2 RC and neither had content listed above. I would recognize them if I saw them but off top of my head can’t give specifics. Any other confirmed RC would be appreciated!

  24. Hi, everyone! I had 1 LR, 2LGs, and 1 RC in this order: [LR, LG, RC, LG, LR].

    I had two Logic Games! The first one was a breeze, but the second one contained the office assignments, which in my opinion was crazy difficult! I ended up skipping 3 of it’s questions and coming back with just enough time to fill in random ovals! I was really hoping that was the experimental section, especially because there are rarely TWO LGs (?). Can anyone help me figure this out? Nonetheless, not a fan…

    I’m praying I get above a 160 for this one! Otherwise, I doubt I’ll even get into my third or fourth choice schools… Fingers crossed, all!

  25. The LG section was unusually difficult. The first game killed me. Did anyone else have the one about the offices? Where they did not give you any rules that weren’t something you could have assumed? I had no idea how to get any solid answers for that section.

  26. LR had a massive amount of role of the statement questions. I only had two LR’s and one of them had about 4-5 Role questions. I don’t think it tripped me up, but was for sure unexpected.

    • I have been having the same problem. I registered for the Mastermind study group a few days ago and have not been able to gain access.

  27. I have been anxiously waiting for the results. Can people please start posting here whenever they receive their scores? You don’t have to disclose your score, just share with everyone when the LSAC has begun releasing, please! I am also looking for a partner in case I don’t execute a hot score this time around.

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