December 2017 LSAT Discussion


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You’ve spent countless hours over the past few months pouring over lessons, drilling questions, and taking PrepTests.

Your friends have stopped texting you because you’ve always got your head in a book.

Your significant other has gone to bed alone while you stayed up to review your last PrepTests.

Your parents have called you to make sure you’re still alive.

Now you’re even starting to have weird dreams about working through LSAT questions.

As you’ve slowly adjusted to living your life in 35-minute increments, the LSAT has so thoroughly engulfed your mind that you can’t even escape the LSAT while you sleep.

It’s been a long road my friends, but alas, you’re about to reach the finish line and take the December LSAT.


As is the tradition here at, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered on, December 2, 2017. We’ll update this post throughout the day to track the December 2017 LSAT experimental sections and overall test discussion. As we get more information we will post it and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss how it went, do you need to retake, etc.

Real RC Passages – 
* SF-Chinatown & dialects of Chinese Language
* Comparative Passage: Comics/Chefs regarding Copyright
* Multiverse of Heros
* Darwinism and Social Theorists

Real LG Games –
* 8 Floors Apartment/Building Cleaning
* Cruise ship trips to Manila/Osaka/Shanghai
* Musical Performances
* Metro Closures

Real LR –
* 7pm and 6pm
* TRex
* Alzheimer
* Turmeric
* Tilapia Fish
* Dolphin Habitat
* Raising Prices by 25 Cents
Experimetnal RC Pasages – 
* Arbitration
* Protests
Experimetnal LG – 
* Committiees
* Movies
Experimetnal LG – 
* Arbitration
A few ground rules:

  • DO feel free to share RC, LG and LR keywords, this will help us figure out what the real passages were.
  • DO celebrate your achievement! You’ve worked hard and you have completed the LSAT!
  • DO NOT post any question specifics like “I got A for #2” or write at more than just a keyword or two about any question, this could get you (and us) in trouble with the LSAC. Saying I had an RC passage about Galileo is ok, saying I had an RC passage about how Galileo was not the first person… is not ok.
  • DO NOT talk about specific game set ups, or how you tried to solve it.
  • Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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  1. I had RC first. Typically I don’t stress over RC (based on practice tests -coming out of my ears!)
    This RC seemed to be slightly more challenging…. It was my first go at the LSAT so it certainly could have just been nerves and adrenaline ?

  2. Does anyone know if LG section with the game about leaking information and transmitting information from one person to another was real or experimental?

  3. I had an experimental LG, which is much harder than the real one. I didn’t even get to the last game. The last game in the experimental LG: president, secretary, treasurer, v & z

      • I also had LR, RC, LR, LR, and AR/LG. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggled with the third section. For me I just thought it was my mistake in determining the wrong end time; unlike my two previous test centers, the proctors in Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC did not indicate the exact end time on the board and they were accommodating 200 people in the room; I got seated at 8:15 but the test started at 10:00. Anyways, thinking that time was almost up when I actually had five more minutes, I started panicking and couldn’t comprehend the passages from that point on. However, the RC and the LG were incredibly easy. RC had four topics — comparative passages on intellectual property among chefs and comedians (difficulty getting patents or copyrights but social norms do the same job) multiuniverse, female scientist and her version of social Darwinism theory, and the formation of unique Chinese dialect in San Francisco. I think LG was a combination of simple and advanced sequence games and one grouping game. Don’t remember having any hybrid. Because RC and LG were so easy, I feel like the third section/second LR that other people also seemed to have difficulty on was in fact not the experimental one, although I really hope it is. I think the fourth section/third LR was the experimental because I encountered a newly worded question stem, which went along the lines of “which of the following has the most grounds for rejection?” or something like that. Let me know what you think.

  4. My first RC section had a passage about multi universe theories and my second RC had passages about abstract ballet and a female mathematician.

  5. Hi guys, I took this one in Europe and hence I am a bit early in the comments section and my experience might not be relevant to the vast majority amongst you. On the overall I found the test to be on par with the PTs I have taken during studying. Here’s what I can remember from RC:

    1 – traditional clothing, West Africa
    2 – computer software, UK
    3 – medieval music
    4 – Compare, Chemistry and Physics

    My version had an experimental LG section. I think I might have been able to identify which one it was: all four games were a bit similar to each other and there was no real balance between different types. I think the non-experimental version had an information leaking aspect to it.

    Waiting for the US to catch up so I can share in the experience.

    • Hi Barel,
      I did my test in Abu Dhabi. I had exactly your RC Section plus the experimental LG section as you said. Thought it went alright.

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