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UPDATE: Thursday, January 1st@ 6:43PM(CST) SCORES ARE OUT!

We have an unexpected holiday release. I have heard there is a -12 curve but have not confirmed by seeing a score sheet. I’ll update with the score sheet when I have it!

UPDATE: Thursday, January 1st@ 6:47PM(CST)

Here is the score conversion table:

Conversion Table

It is a -12, which indicates a somewhat less difficult test in terms of getting a higher raw score than we’ve seen lately. Let us know how you did!


As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, December 6th, 2014.

We’ll update this post to track the December 2014 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

UPDATE: Saturday Dec, 6th @ 1:35PM(CST)

For those of you trying to figure out which section was experimental…

From what we’re seeing so far, here’s a breakdown of the real sections:


Real Reading Comprehension Passages

  • Free Will/Determinism/Neurology
  • Lawyers Tactic/Stealing Thunder
  • Perfume/Oil Canvas/Smell
  • Mexican-American/Politics


Real Logic Games

  • Musicians/Performances/Instruments
  • lectures/professors/art(oil, lithograph, watercolor)
  • Colors/Rugs
  • Photographers/Ceremony


Real Logical Reasoning Questions

  • interest/economic growth
  • Melatonin
  • Han Purple/White
  • T-Rex/Chicken/Proteins

Please let me know if this looks right & help me fill in the blanks by commenting below. Thanks!

UPDATE: Thursday, January 1st

As score were released today—somewhat cruelly in my opinion—on New Year’s Day, a lot of people might be contemplating a retake. Don’t get stuck doing the same stuff over again! Join our LSAT Mastermind group where you can access hundreds of exclusive lessons and question explanations,  do weekly live chats with Josh and me, and study in private forums with a group of motivated, likeminded students.


    • Had two LG sections on my exam. Felt good about both but felt like I got 23/23 on the second. Hope the first was experimental. Any word? Second LG consisted of factories for last game.

      • I had two logic games as well- first was much more difficult than the second but I can’t seem to remember which games were on which section! I do remember the colors and rugs- but anything else on this section? I remember a rule substitution on question twelve of the second section (please remove if too revealing!) – otherwise the games are pretty mixed up in my head.

  1. The first set of games was prolly the experimental… whoever thought to incorporate sequencing/in & out/grouping all into one game is sinister.

  2. I thought games went okay. I had 3 LR sections. 2 easy 1 difficult. Reading Comp sections were really dense and the questions were bizarre in my opinion

  3. I also had the test with the 2 LG sections. The second section was so easy! I really hope that the first LG section was the experimental. When I saw game 2 I was like nope….skipping this one haha. I got caught up on the RD section though and I almost ran out of time. Hopefully I still score well on that section!

    I hope everyone did well on their tests today!!

  4. I think that I did OK but I am planning on continuing to study for LSAT at least till the scores arrive and if my scores seem to go up even after that and retake in February. It is of no use to go to bad law school and most schools except the very best ones seem to accept the better or averaged score. I will fight till the last moment lol. But all in all, pretty ok test. No big surprises.

  5. Yes, I remember a color question in the games. I had 3 LR, 1 game, 1 RC.

    The game also had a question about musicians and order of performances. The last one was a grouping game. Not the easiest of game sets I think..

    • The Mexican politics was harder than I had anticipated. Should have skipped that one. The perfume and lawyers tactic “thunder” were interesting. The other one I didn’t get to.

  6. I really hope the section 3 was experimental logic games and that the first logic games section was counted. I felt like I found a mistake when ordering the professors and their teaching schedules/sections. I know LSAC isn’t my friend, but would they really make the first section experimental!? Would be so cruel. I struggled on the RC. Answered the perfum question and Mexican American too skipped the other. Writing prompt was cute with the 2 siblings. All in all I feel pretty confident. Took all the advice for lawschooli and it benefitted! Go IU! Hoosiers represent. I guess I’ll see how good I was soon. Best of luck to you all!

  7. I had two reading comprehensions the lg games with the rugs is the one I had. Vaguely remember the passages but mexican, X-ray, perfumes , thunder I’m guessing is the real one although I hope not cause I feel i did better on experimental

  8. I had 3 LRs. I feel good about all my sections except LG. It’s a shame, because I put a lot of work into learning LGs, and by the end was consistently getting 90 to 100% of the LG questions on my practice tests. But today, the last two games tripped me up badly. I randomly guessed on 2 questions because I ran out of time, and there were a handful of others that I guessed between the remaining choices I hadn’t eliminated. Ouch.

    • Same with LG. Was getting -1 to -4 on every PT heading into this, but that last Q really tripped me up! Anyone else struggle with #4 in LG?

    • Yea my experience on these games gas been keeping me up at night. LG has typically been the most reliable way I score on this test and now I’m hoping I am not making a mistake by not canceling – they seemed a lot less predictable than most recent exams given the past few years.

  9. Two LG’s for me. Hoping the second of the two, section three, was the real one. Felt like I nailed it. Has LSAC ever done experimental first???

    • Dependent upon which style guide you read they can actually be used interchangeably. Throws me off every time, because in more ‘modern’ or ‘leisurely’ reading they aren’t. I actually just had this come up at the law office I work at, because I always thought there was a difference.

  10. I also had 2 sections – both 1 and 3. Similar to the other comments, the first section was more challenging than and involved more complex games. The second section felt consistent with my practice games.

    For experimental LG sections, do they rotate the games that are assigned or does everyone get the same experimental games?

    Also, would they create an experimental section that is easier than the scored section of the actual test?

    First time taking it. It was a good experience, but definitely retaking it next year.

  11. I had two RC, definitely hoping the second one was the real one. It was the perfumes and law tactics one. I feel like the first RC was too easy, I started to double think everything and then ran out of time.

  12. I had 3 LRs. There was one section without the a parallel reason or parallel flaw that also had an inference question about advanced econometrics and statistical methods course. I’m trying to figure out if that was the experimental or not.

    Also, thanks for the site. It’s been an excellent resource. Wish I had known about it earlier

  13. I’m drawing a blank, but I remember one game had to deal with photographers maybe? They could either be in gardens or another slot. Idk if this is the photographers game your saying is the real one?

  14. I had two logic games sections. I hope the first one was experimental. The second one with rugs of different colors was much easier.

    I found reading comp to be a little bit easier than September’s exam but found the LR to be difficult.

  15. LG
    Think second real game was
    Professors /art class(watercolor, sculptures etc)
    RC did seem to be odd topics!
    Hope everyone did well :). Glad that’s over!!!

      • Yes. I only had 1 LG section

        (Although I don’t specifically remember the order)

        1. Musicians/instruments/order of their solos
        2. Artists/watercolor/sculpture
        3. Colors/rugs
        4. Photographers at two events

      • Does anyone remember their answer choices for the real LG? I guessed C for questions on quite a few of the last 2 games and would love to know if ANY of these questions had C as the answer.

      • It was the 4th one where they had to be assigned to take photographs at the forest(?) – it was an F’– or graden

  16. Question about test versions. I had the 2 LG sections on my exam and they were 1st and 3rd. I cannot for the life of me, however, remember what the games were about. If other people in the comments are saying that their 3rd section was the second LG section (section 3 of the test) and they had the question about the rugs, does that mean mine was in that order too? Or is it possible that my 2 LG sections were in a different order?

    • Same question, Emily! I cannot freaking remember which games were in which set! I hope the real one was second. I did so much better on it.

  17. LG
    instruments – pure sequencing
    arts – sequencing/group
    rugs/colors– in and out/grouping
    photographers/campuses — in and out

    i score perfectly on the LGs and had to guess on them. The directions were weird and there wasn’t a lot of setup to be made.

  18. I had two LG as well and the 1st was out of control. I didn’t have time to even attempt the last. The LR questions had some new variations of prompts. You can tell they spread out the easier questions then previous tests. Very limited MBT. The reading comp was a 6.

    • Hi Lemonte,
      I had 3LR’s as well,
      I felt so defeated after RC, but all I can do is pray till scores come out! I hope you had a positive experience

      • Hey Rhoda,

        The RC was very bizarre. Well, 2 passages : Lawyer/jurors/ was easy, and perfume was easy, but the others were pretty difficult. I think it was the American/Mexican one.

        Do you know which one was the experimental?

      • Assuming the 3 LR sections were in the same order for all of us, I felt the first one was the toughest of the three. Hopefully that was the experimental one!

      • most definitely the first was one was tough. The very lsat LR was relatively easy. The 1st one, hopefully, was the experimental.

  19. Wait… am I the only person who thought games was ridiculously hard? I had to guess on 8 questions when I normally score between -3 and -5.

  20. I’ve been averaging 165-168 and this was my second go around after canceling September’s LSAT (timing issues) but I went into the exam more nervous than I ever expected. Probably because I’ve convinced myself I don’t want to miss this cycle (graduated August 2014 from Emory U) and had to do well.

    Had LR LG RC RC LR and overall, I felt it was an easier exam than September’s. But game 3 totally tripped me up. It didn’t SEEM difficult and I thought I was doing everything right, but I felt like time was becoming an issue and boom nerves got the best of me. Game 4 left me with at least one guess I believe. But usually LG is my strong suit (-0 to -3) and I’m freaking out about that. That’s not a section I’ve ever really worried about since I started figuring it out. LRs were average with some difficult questions (hans purple/white what even) and the real RC wasn’t the easiest or most difficult I’ve seen. Though the Mex Am and reading/poetry/scifi comparative psg hit me semi-hard. Hope my score was consistent :/

    What do you predict the curve will be this time?

    If not, I might reconsider retaking in February for the next cycle. But man, I’d really rather not.

  21. I had 2 RC. Like others said, the experimental was way easier. I finished early and was feeling great about it only to discover that my next section was RC too. Hoping I still did well on the real one. I was running out of time on mexican politics passage and had to go really fast.

    Game 4 was the photographers assigned to ceremonies and I definitely thought it was tough! I had been getting -0 to -3 on LG but I don’t feel good about this game, I had to guess on some.

  22. I had one LG, and it included a rug color game, a graduation photographer game and I seriously cannot remember the topics for the other two.

  23. Had 3 LR sections, first and last one average and trickier questions in the second… Did anyone have the Q with experiment with children being shown different sized beakers half filed with liquid??? What was the answer for this?

    EDITED BY MODERATOR: Please do not discuss answers. This would constitute a violation of LSAC policies.

  24. Does anyone know which section for LR was experimental? Section 5 has been established as real but what about 1 or 3? I don’t remember which section had the food poisoning from potato salad question but there were two rough sections. Grr..

    • It seems that everyone who got 2 LG sections got them on sections 1 and 3…did anyone’s test differ? Which sections were rugs on for the version of the test that was LG lr LG lr rc

      I remember the rugs and stuff just don’t remember if i had them on 1 or 3.

      • Same problem for me. I remember the rugs but not which section it came in. Have we decided that the section with the rugs game was the experimental or the real one?

      • The rugs was real….need to know if they were on 1 or 3 for the version of the test with 2 LG sections that was LG lr LG Lr rc

      • I’d like to know the same thing. I had LG LR LG LR RC and I swear I remember having the rugs/photographers as section 3. Or maybe I’m just hoping that’s the case, because I KNOW I rocked section 3 and bombed section 1 haha. It’s possible that there were multiple test versions with 2 LG sections, so perhaps it was either 1 or 3?

      • I have the same issue here! i had two games as well- but am having trouble remembering which game was where, and exactly what they were asking! The only game i am sure was in my second section was one that involved characters f-h-l-m-s (though i can’t remember what they represented) but h had more than f, and l and m were equal.

        has anyone confirmed if the rug colors were in section 1 or 3? i also felt section 1 was particularly challenging and was happy to see another logic games section, which i felt went much smoother, but it seems the first may have been the real section…

      • Now that I think about it, I remember one of the logic games involving scheduling a class timetable. That must have been the experimental, but I still can’t remember whether I had that first or third.

    • Had only one LG and two RC and two LR. RC hit me WAY harder than usual 🙁 but I feel alright about LG and LR. Not really sure about how I think I did. Should I aready start prepping for a February retake just in case? Or wait until I get my score and then start getting ready for June? I’m planning to apply next cycle.

  25. Had only one LG and two RC and two LR. RC hit me WAY harder than usual 🙁 but I feel alright about LG and LR. Not really sure about how I think I did. Should I aready start prepping for a February retake just in case? Or wait until I get my score and then start getting ready for June? I’m planning to apply next cycle.

  26. First Section LR, Second Section Games, Third Section LR. Fourth section RC, Fifth Section LR again. Reading didn’t see too bad. Couldn’t get in a groove on the games. Ugh who knows. Just like Preptests–probably missed some that I thought were gimme questions and got some right that were strictly wild guesses.

  27. Anyone who took the test in Europe/Middle East/Africa – do you remember how many questions were in the LG section(s)?

  28. I only had one LG section, and I remember the rugs game, musicians game, and painting game. I don’t remember what the last game was, but I know it had two different colleges which could be abbreviated as S and T. I normally don’t have a timing issue with LG and score perfectly. However, I got tripped up on the third game because it didn’t seem to have much of a set up. I actually ran out of time and had to blindly guess on six questions in the fourth game. I felt like the LG was harder than most LG sections I have done. Some of the reading passages were a bit bizarre. The LR had some questions that were challenging, but I didn’t think it was too hard overall. I guess we’ll see when scores come out!

  29. I had LG LR LG LR RC

    First LG had the musical instruments/rugs

    Cant remember what any of the second set of LG were on. I think one of the games had something to do with ordering 4 sets of two each.

    Anyone with 2 LG recall the experimental games?

  30. does anyone who had 2 real LRs remember a question relating reading to candy and it stated that candy gives only short bursts of energy?

    • I believe it was the first question on one of the sections. It dealt with candy and how it compared to the effects of reading (a given author’s books) on children. If I recall correctly, it was a “what logically completes…” question.

      • I hope so..maybe I was just in dire need of a break but that one seemed harder than the other two

    • yes, I remmber that question it was the in my first section I was actually wondering whether or not that was experiminal. I had LR LG LR RC LR

  31. hmmm ok, then I think for those of us who had LR LG LR RC LR, the third LR was the experimental…can anyone confirm?

  32. My section three logic games was quite a bit easier than the first. I’m assuming the easier one was probably experimental. I wish I could remember what the games were. I know I had one game where there were 7 photographers I believe. They had to either be in either gardens or something else. I don’t know if this is the game Josh is talking about with photographers or not. Anyone recall this game?

    • It sounds like we had the same order. I had LG, LR, LG, LR, RC. I definitely found section 3 easier. Not sure if that was the colour/photographers one. Can you remember any of the games from the other LG section? I’m drawing a complete blank. Section 1 was a blur!

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the 1st section of LG had the rugs game (with colors peach, turquoise, white, yellow,etc.) if so, it was definitely the scored section.

      • I seem to remember having the rugs game in section 3, so perhaps there were multiple test versions with 2 LG sections with different orders?

  33. If someone has taken the test twice, what are your thoughts on this one’s comparative difficulty? Particularly Sept 2014, which I’ve heard was a really bad one

    • This test was of comparable difficulty to September 2014. The LG and RC were definitely harder and one of the LR sections was on par with September. The other LR was far easier. Overall the scale will likely be -13/-14 and scores will probably release on January 2 as LSAC likes to release scores a few days earlier. This was a dreadful test to take and not of comparable difficulty to LSATS administered in 2012 or 2013 which were far, far easier. They really ramped up the difficulty and this may explain the drop in law school applicants. I aced the games in September and totally bombed yesterday’s LG. I employed process of elimination primarily for the LR as the correct answer was very hard to deduce otherwise. Very difficult test.

    • The one with the photographers and the two schools. Do you remember what the two schools were? I don’t know if this Is the same game I’m thinking of

  34. I thought games were substantially harder than september and this is coming from someone who usually gets -4 on lg and had to guess on the last 4 assuming a got a few stupid ones somewhere on the test, lr was much easier hopefully but than again u never know until u see the actual answers and reading i thought was about usual maybe a bit harder, but this is not the reason apps r down, apps r down bc the payoff (law school tuition in comparison to real world job status ) is not phenomenal on average because law school is ridiculously expensive and most less than middle income people cannot afford it, that being said the i believe the scale will be on the more generous side . Goodluckyall

  35. I took the June 2014 test and I thought the LG section on the December test was easier. In June I had that sinking feeling of not knowing how to set up certain rules but I didn’t feel like there were too many surprises in the setup this time around. Just IMO.

  36. I took the Oct 2012 LSAT and had an LG experimental as the first section. So yes, you could have the experimental as the first section. I had the two LGs on this test too, sections one and three.

    • @kelsey, do you happen to remember any of your experimental games?


  37. Anyone who had two LG’s can you remember any of the games in the experimental section? The real section is the one with colored rugs.


  38. My friend who took the December 2014 LSAT just received her score! I haven’t received mine yet, but hopefully soon!!

    • I’m wondering the same thing. If it is a disclosed test should we not be able the check our answers? The disclosed booklet does not have any questions that were on my test.

  39. I thought everyone was supposed to have the same scored sections??

    I.E. It seems that others who took the test with only 1 logic game section had the rugs/photographer games, but apparently that was experimental for those with two logic games sections? How does that make any sense? Am I missing something?

  40. I’m with everyone else. Freaking out that the attached PDF for the test isn’t actually the one I took — although the test number matches my scoresheet. WTH?

  41. I just got off the phone with LSAC and they advised that the incorrect test booklet had been uploaded to all of our files. All of the scores should be correct because they were graded prior to anything being uploaded. The correct test has been uploaded to my file and they advised this should be the same for everyone.

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